A Guide To Choosing Uni Accommodation For Students In Portsmouth

The demand for Uni accommodation for students in Portsmouth is on the rise. This increase is due to growth in the number of students coming into the city every year. Management of colleges and Universities in Portsmouth are seldom capable of meeting this high demand for student accommodation in the city. As a student in Portsmouth, it is your responsibility to look for affordable and comfortable accommodation. When choosing Uni accommodation in Portsmouth, there are few points to consider, in order for you to be successful.

Choose landlords who go through Uni accommodation office

The main options available to students in Portsmouth is to either get accommodation from the University management or look for accommodation off campus. Some landlords have a good working relationship with the University accommodation office, which makes it easier for students to trust them. Be sure to check if the landlord goes through the accommodation office. Going through the Uni accommodation office is optional, so you should also keep that at the back of your mind. What you should also consider is the registration status of the landlord, i.e. check to see if the landlord has all the required licenses and approval to let their property in Portsmouth. If you opt for a letting agent in Portsmouth, check to see if the agency is registered with the required authorities.

How clean is the property?

If the property is clean, it simply means that the landlord is doing a good job taking care of the house. In addition to checking the cleanliness of the house, you should check to see if there are basic amenities in place. Internet access is important to everyone especially students, so make sure the landlord can provide this service. Winter can be very cold so it is important that you check the heating properly before taking your final decision on the property. Facilities available in the house, if they are all in good condition. Gas and electricity are equally important in the house, so check to see if they are all available before taking your final decision. This step is really important because you don’t want to spend extra cash on fixing anything in the house after paying the rent. Also remember that the location of the house is important, i.e. the proximity of the property to the University.

The cost of renting the place

As a student in Portsmouth, you should work with a budget when getting a Uni accommodation. This simply means you should at least know how much you can afford on Uni accommodation. This is an important aspect of finding Uni accommodation. If you opt for the accommodation provided by your University, it means the cost will be clearly indicated on the school’s website. Choosing off campus accommodation in Portsmouth means you have to talk to landlords or letting agents. The first thing you should ask is the cost of renting the place. It will help you decide if the accommodation is right for you or not.

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