5 Sure Shot Ways To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign

5 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Campaign Is Not Successful

Email marketing is a fruitful investment with many benefits that beat many other forms of marketing. In comparison with offline direct marketing, email marketing allows you to cut down on time and effort. With email list brokers on your side, you will have the opportunity to develop personalized marketing messages.

1: Customize User Segments

Emailing customers with the idea that one type of email message will suit all your recipients will not get you far. Most will open and close your email within a few seconds. Some may not even bother opening your email based on an unappealing subject line. Therefore, you need to segment your email list so that you have targeted email marketing lists that benefit you. You can obtain these lists through marketing list brokers who deal exclusively in email marketing contacts.

2: Email Testing

With Email marketing you can communicate with your customers on a more frequent basis. Never flood your customer’s inbox, but you must make the most of the opportunity to communicate appropriately.

You can test your marketing messages easily and efficiently, which is a great advantage. Test your headlines, graphics, colors, text size, etc. and figure out the combination that suits your customer’s taste. You can run your tests by sending out one version of your email to a particular segment of your list, while you send a second version of your email to another segment. With email tracking tools, you will be able to make out which message has performed better in terms of user actions of conversions.

3: Cost Efficiency

Email marketing is known to be cost efficient, as there is no need to take on an entire team or make huge investments for designing and printing. For a fraction of the cost that you would ordinarily spend on forms of marketing, you can place effective copy in before your customers. This suits businesses of all sizes, and startups too.

4: Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

There are certain critical components that make up an effective email. Here are some components to incorporate into your emails.

Subject Lines Matter

Your subject line is critical and can be the deciding factor in a recipient opening or ignoring your email.

Follow these points to ensure a good email subject line:

  • Develop a sense of exclusivity/urgency with terms like alert, sale, or daily
  • Personalize your email by addressing the recipient by name
  • The subject line should not be longer than to 30 characters

Sharpen the Focus of your Email Body

When you compose your next email, you might want to get everything right. However, the most important thing is to make sure that your email is concise and compelling. The tone must be right too in order to sound convincing to your reader. Your offer must be conveyed clearly with no ambiguity and the reader must know why he or she should take action immediately. This is your value proposition.

Call-to-Actions are a Must for Conversions

Make sure you tell your reader what you want them to do. This is considered to be the most important element of your email because it prompts a recipient to take action.

Social Sharing Links are a Must

Social links are important so that you do not miss out on opportunities. Each share you receive is an endorsement from one customer who thinks his or her contacts should know about your offer. The major social media channels to leverage include: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

5: Purchase Authentic Email Lists

To run an effective email marketing campaign, you will need to have email addresses that are genuine. You will also need them in a minimum number and they should be segmented too. You should rely on credible sources for these. Impact Lists is a top source for business email lists Australia offers. You can get hold of best possible email list Australia has through this company and increase your sales.

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