Varieties of ceiling lights

It is true that a light fixture can really make or break a room design. The right light fixture should always match the size of the room so that you can provide them with the right kind of lighting. This can complement the other design elements.

There are different types of commercial LED lightings that one can think of. Here are some options.

Ceiling Lights mounted on the Ceiling

The ceiling lights are always mounted on the ceiling or they are close to the ceilings. If you go for ambient light in the room then there are some fixtures that can fit the bill.

 Flush Lights

They are the flat attachments that are mostly mounted on the ceiling. It has versatile styles and one can find these fixtures in between 12 to 24 inches. If you go for the small flush lights, they are perfect for the hallways and the bathrooms. One can also use large flush fixtures on a children’s room because it is safe not to hang anything from the ceiling. Flush fixtures look very good in those rooms which have ceilings that are less than 8 feet high. If one installs flush lights on a high ceiling then the room is left with too much of space and it does not look nice.

Semi-flush Lights

It is another kind of ceiling light which looks best in a ceiling which is at least 8 to 10 feet high. The benefit of going for these lights is, they are very easy to change. One can use them in dining halls and kitchens. These lights will have direct light down to the room and light up the ceiling.

Recessed Lights

The recessed lights are also known as the pot lights. These light fixtures are mounted inside the ceiling and it looks best if you have a low ceiling. Here, the light fixture sits inside the ceiling and the glass panel diffuses the light inside the room. There is also a trim around the glass panel and the result is very discreet. One also needs a ceiling with a good insulation; otherwise, humidity can build up inside. But there is one problem with recessed lights. They do not diffuse light to the entire room. Recessed lights have a more complex installation process as compared to flush or semi-flush fixtures. One can use recessed lights with an eyeball trim. This feature will allow you to direct the light on the wall to draw attention to the art work and to create an optimal task lighting. One can also direct the recessed light to an empty wall to reflect the light which in turn makes the room look brighter and larger. One can actually light up a larger space by installing several recessed lights in a row or in a square.

Utility Lighting

If one wants some no frill lights for their laundry room or garage or basement, they can go for these lights.

Commercial ceiling lights are thus available in a lot of varieties.

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