The Note 6 All Ready To Roar This Time

Here we are talking about yet another Samsung phone. This one is about the Note 6. Thought the phone is expected not before October next year, talking about it seems to early, but then there seems no harm in analyzing and forecasting the features that a phone is expected to possess.

So, here we are talking about the note 6. The features, the pricing and availability! This one will be yet another revolutionary one by Samsung. The technology is surely something which is quite impressive, and the looks are right now a mystery!

The NOTE 6 will feature dozens of technological advancements like its foldable screen. I don’t mean those flip phones, but the display is only a result of what LG has already included earlier. A 4k resolution is what we can expect from the phone, which in turn means that the resolution and display is going to be no less than a super HD one. Unlike the S6, the NOTE 6 will feature a Finger print scanner that will be hidden in the screen, not exposed even in the form of a button. Now that is a new twist, though the feature is nothing new these days!

That is not all from the phone, it will have a 6GB RAM which is in it developmental phase by Samsung. Samsung indeed has a lot of hopes from everything it has been working on, and so, here it is, all its effort into these. The device will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest best thing, The Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.9 Ghz Processor, which means a super speedy processing, and good amount of power. If you are a photo addict, then this one will be like a blessing to you, a 30 Mega Pixel FRONT Camera for you and a 7 MP rear one. Everybody is a selfie addict, so may be such a high MP front camera will prove to be a wonder.  Its battery is also tweaked up and the result is a 4200 mAh battery, with a fast charging technology. The NOTE 6 will be launched in various storage variants, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64,128 as well as 256 GB too. it is also in competition with ipad air 4.

There is enough that the phone has in store. An amazing camera, the front camera to be precise, super fast processor, and the perfect combinations of everything else. I can call this one an ideal one, the only possible problem could be its battery, but Samsung will definitely make sure to keep that in mind. Rest, the phone seems to be amazing, and definitely a hit once in the market.

The phone is expected to cost 1100 USD, equivalent to 70,000 INR. Too much it is, but worth it too! After all, which possible phone can give you just the perfect kind of features, and such amazing technology? I guess none, at least right now! Who knows by the time the phone hits the market, there is something to compete against it already!

Happy waiting it is!

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