Checklist For Dirt-Biking Enthusiasts


Dirt bikes have become a craze amongst biking enthusiasts in India. These bikes are lightweight Quads that are designed for use on rough terrains including un-surfaced roads, dirt trails and desert areas. There is a wide range of sport and dirt bikes offered by some leading corporations such as Polaris. If you are looking for dirt bikes at competitive price in India, you may want to check out their websites and compare the bikes along with pricing information.

Checklist For Dirt-Biking Enthusiasts
There are also several online platforms that have some great offers on dirt bikes on  Polaris ATVs such as Ranger prices in India. It is always recommended to thoroughly research the market and available options before deciding on buying a bike.

The following checklist may help you in your decision to buy the most suitable dirt bike for yourself:

  • Style of riding offered – This is the most important item in the checklist. You must first understand the different types of dirt bikes available and the riding style that they offer. Every bike type is designed for a specific style of riding. For instance, motocross and super-cross dirt bikes are built for track racing where rapid acceleration and big jumps are a norm. On the other hand, endure or trail dirt bikes are built for traveling long distances with rough terrains, smaller jumps, and bush bashing.

It is this intended use of the bikes that decide other features such as gearing, tank capacity, lights, suspension, ergonomics, etc. So, ask yourself what purpose your new dirt bike is going to fulfill and then make your decision.

  • Size of the dirt bike – With several options available in the market, it is quite natural for dirt bike enthusiasts to get confused. Your experience as a biker, your weight and height are the factors that ideally decide the size of the bike. It is not at all wise to ride a bike that is too powerful for your body size as it requires a lot of skill and stamina to control and maneuver it. If you are well-built and weigh above 120kg, then try to avoid lighter bikes.
  • Dirt bike price in India – Price has always been an important factor as long as money does not matter to you. In addition, the maintenance cost can also be a deciding factor. So, based on your budget go for a bike that is much easier and affordable to control and maintain. Most people with budget constraint prefer two-strokes over four-strokes. Choosing a well-known brand is always recommended as safety and reliability are two crucial things that you must consider when biking on unknown rough terrains and trails. Most leading brands offer a host of options in different color variants and price range to meet your budget and biking requirements. Just take out some time to go through customer reviews and ongoing deals available. You may end up buying your dream dirt bike at a highly competitive price.
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