How To Become A Certified SAS Programmer?


IT and corporate professionals worldwide are creating lucrative career opportunities for themselves in the field of programming, business intelligence, analytics, and data management by earning globally accepted SAS certifications. SAS credentials are offered in multiple areas that include information management, business intelligence, analytics and even clinical SAS. A few most sought after SAS credentials are SAS Advanced Certification in programming, SAS Big Data Analytics Certification, and SAS Business Analytics: Data Mining with Statistics Certification.

How To Become A Certified SAS Programmer?

If you have successfully earned your SAS Base Programmer Certification, you can move to the advanced level by becoming a SAS Certified Advanced Programmer. Obtaining this credential will validate your advanced level of expertise and proficiency in SAS programming. The next few sections provide the details on how you can successfully achieve SAS Advanced Certification in programming for SAS 9.

Meet the pre-requisites

You first need to ensure that you meet all pre-requisites of the advanced level certification. While SAS Base Programmer Certification is a necessary pre-condition, it is also necessary to attend the SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques course. In addition, you must also have thorough knowledge and understanding of the operating system file structures and programming logic concepts and experience of performing basic operating system tasks.

Complete the course curriculum designed for SAS Advanced Certification

In order to successfully attempt the examination for SAS Certified Advanced Programmer, you would need to complete all the courses that have been officially recommended by SAS. The curriculum for this certification includes the following courses:

  1. SAS Programming 3: Advanced Techniques & Efficiencies – This course focuses on using data for analytics.
  2. SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials – This course module focuses on the mechanism of the SAS macro facility and comprehension of processing of programs with macro code. SAS programmers gain knowledge of writing, designing and clearing up macro systems.
  3. SAS SQL 1: Essentials – The emphasis of this course module is to help students understand and practice processing of SAS data using Structured Query Language (SQL).

At the end of the course, you will be able to

  • Use advanced statements of DATA step programming.
  • Use appropriate methods to resolve intricate problems.
  • Write and interpret SQL code.
  • Create and use the MACRO facility.

While the course curriculum is not considered to be very vast or comprehensive, it may take several days to complete it in the absence of an organized or focused approach. This is where reputed SAS certified training institutes come into the picture. Offering SAS training in India and worldwide, these institutes provide a well-structured and planned training program for SAS Advanced Certification in SAS 9 programming.

Leading SAS certified IT training institutes typically complete the training program for SAS Certified Advanced Programmer in just 10 days, including examination day and logistics. The training is provided by experienced trainers using several student-friendly learning methods.

Take the examination for SAS Certified Advanced Programmer

The examination code for SAS Advanced Programming for SAS 9 is A00-212. You would need to take this examination as per the SAS official schedule.

If you are looking forward to pass the certification exam in your very first attempt without any hassle, it is advisable to enroll with an institute that has been authorized to provide SAS training in India.

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