Office 365 vs Office 2016

Office 2016 and office 365 are the latest of Microsoft office services. Office 2016 is more of a standalone service, whereas office 365 for Business is a cloud oriented service.  However if one is buying subscription of office 365, one will get most of the feature of office 2016.

Office 2016 includes 2 different standalone versions. One such services being professional 2016 and the other being home and business version.  Home and business version is tailor made for use in home environment with basic services of Microsoft being provided which include word, PowerPoint excel and OneNote. However the professional version can also include apart from these basic core services office publisher and more.

Office 365 has many benefits over office 2016. Office 365 for Business is a set of collaborated services under a subscription package, see plans here at The various services include exchange online, skype for business, and SharePoint services among other. Office 2016 service is also included with Office 365 ProPlus.

On comparing the two we can come to conclusions as follows

  • Office 2016 is a basic version which covers more than half of the core service of office, so unless there is really a need for high end services, office 2016 will be a better choice.
  • Cost- In term of pricing 2016 may be a costlier deal than office 365 as the subscription for the services is negligible. Buying a standalone office 2016 may cost you dearly. However the renewal price and plans are also very much under the small budget of any organization.
  • Any location – One of the beauties of office 365 is its cloud facility which makes it possible to work on office 365 virtually from any location of the world. Office 2016 is however a standalone service best suited to particular desktop service
  • With office 365 up gradation of services is not required as all data and tools get automatically upgraded with a click of a button through Office 365 CSP, whereas one may need to buy latest versions of any office 2016 to keep one upbeat. Also for any new service not covered under office 2016, you need to buy the product separately with extra cost heading.
  • Data protection and security are 2 common concern people show when buying office 365. Office 365 is best protected through Microsoft anti malware and antivirus security apps and services. In case of loss of data or theft, it is always possible to protect those data from harm.
  • Data retrieval- Data retrieval is one of the many truths with cloud 365, almost all the data can be easily retrieved.
  • Free trial – you can get a free trial from Microsoft before you can take your decision.
  • Storage-Storage is another area where office 365 stands apart from standalone service, whereas there is a limit of storage to office 2016

If we look closely over the benefits of office 365 over office 2016 we conclude that office 2016 is more suitable for lower end user and students and common masses who never go beyond services such as PowerPoint, excel, word etc. With Office 365 CSP collaborated with so many services, it might be a handy tool in the business it is used into. Moreover services like exchange online and SharePoint online and similar are not in demand from users on a daily basis. Unless you are a major firm with huge employee list, extra features on office 365 may be useless if all you are looking for is basic mailing services coupled with some Microsoft word or excel and PowerPoint Microsoft office 2016 is the best choice. Office 365 also comes in different plans like proPlus E1, E3 etc which has been created keeping in mind the different needs and structure of any organization. Again here proPlus is the very basic of office 365 services offered whereas E1, E4 may be much advanced with different new features and tools to integrate with complex systems in an enterprise environment.  Similarly standalone version of office 2016 has its own advantages and disadvantages based on the basic need of a user. However with little extra, office 365 gives a wide range of features and services which can be explored and exploited for better use in any growing organization.

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