Do Not Eat Them If You Follow A Diet!

Are good enough you quickly meet your forbidden desires – eg sugar, but calorie bomb and the most cunning enemies when it comes to diet. If you have decided to respect a regime must watch your calorie that are harmless. In the following, we tell you which products should avoid when you want to lose weight.

Nutritionists point out that all our products whose name ends with the diet, are enemies’ of death “for our silhouette. So, diet soda or diet cookies must be avoided. Even if the label says 0% …, not to trust the words of the producer that is able to sell any products.

In terms of dietary cakes must do talk hydrogenated oil it contains these products. If you really want to eat a cake suggestion is to prepare a home using margarine instead of butter. Remember that image matters.

Everybody says that the best drink in diet and in general, is water. But I am convinced that many times you get cravings for a glass of fruit juice. Make no mistake to give a run to the nearest boutique and buy a natural juice. Nutritionists recommend that instead of these juices, to buy an orange, a kiwi, a banana, a grapefruit or whatever fruit you like you and do your juice at home. I know it come out a bit, but less healthy than much and bad.

Bars calorie option “perfect” in a diet. It is true that the stick is rich in vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, but the product contains so much sugar. Conclusion: It is not healthy.

Finally, I will try to dismantle a myth. Menus with salads. Salad is always recommended in any quantity, but the combination proposed by manufacturers is a real calorie bomb. Returned to the same principle discussed above. Producers, regardless of field work, want to sell products and to achieve this, trying to fool customers. Be careful for salads in a fast food menu is to hide the large amount of fat found in this product. Nutritionists advise you to pick lettuce and let the rest for someone else.

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