How to Choose the Right Bike and Safety Gear?

There are a number of workout options we could choose these days. Many of us prefer to purchase memberships at fitness club or a local gym. Others believe that running is the most affordable and easiest way to get themselves healthier. Some people also prefer hiking, walking, swimming and others. As a whole, there are so many options for us to perform exercises.

Cycling is a good option for physical activity, because it is more convenient that going to gyms and can be less stressful on our joints compared to running. Cycling is also a relatively affordable thing to do and we don’t have to purchase dedicated cycling bikes. In fact, normal bikes used for basic transportation means could still allow us to get the full benefit of cycling.

More expensive bikes carry more expensive price tags due to the increased features and decreased weight. They may use advanced designs and space-age materials. However, decent mid-grade model should still be acceptable for many of us. Mid-tier bike usually offer some of the features of dedicated cycling bikes and useful if we don’t plan to use all the bells and whistles offered by the more expensive models. In general, the bike should have solid brakes, good shifters and reliable steel frame.

Although we may argue that low-cost bikes are not appropriate for exercising and prone to falling apart, we could still use them for easy strolls in the park and quiet roads. These bikes could be designed for long-term use with light intensity, so it may not be a good idea to ride them faster than usual. We should also question ourselves areas where we plan to ride the bikes, whether on roads, sidewalks or more rugged terrain. As we could easily guess, some bikes are designed for more rugged road and off-road purposes.

On the other hand, road bikes can be lighter and designed for higher speed. Mountain bikes may have ride-softening suspension to make it easier for us to deal with rugged terrain. If we go to both places, hybrid bikes could take us pretty much anywhere. After choosing the right bike, it is also important to consider ideal safety gear. Good helmet is very important and professional cyclists often seek the best helmet. As a two-wheel vehicle, bikes are essentially less stable than cars and we could fall more easily, even without hitting something. Good helmets should be a very wise investment to prepare for any bad moment.

Other safety gears are elbow and knee pads, which could protect us when we fall on rugged surfaces. Gloves could also improve grip and provide some amount of protection to our hands when we fall. Another safety item that we easily forget is light and it is important to make sure that we are visible to other cyclists and drivers. It is mandatory to have good rear and front light is we often ride in low-visibility situations. It is also a good idea to wear clothing with some reflective strips.

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