Popular Churches, Synagogues And Temples In New York City

Popular Churches, Synagogues And Temples In New York City

NYC is a big vast cosmopolitan melting pot of different cultures. It is home to a wide range of charming and architecturally remarkable places of worship and contemplation. The landscape of the Big Apple is dotted with many fine-looking and breath-taking churches, synagogues, temples and cathedrals. These buildings  illustrate the  rich, diverse cultural and religious heritage prevalent in this incredible city. Visit these places to enjoy unique architectural styles and learn more about different faiths.

Here is a list of popular places to worship in NYC:

#St. Patrick’s Cathedral

This 130-year old Gothic-style white marble treasure is one of the most recognizable sites in NYC. Located right in the heart of midtown Manhattan, right across from Rockefeller Center, the Cathedral has spires rising 330 feet and is beautiful both inside and out. Further, it is the seat of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York.

#Riverside Church

When in the Big Apple, take time out to visit the tallest church in the United States and enjoy its stunning gothic architecture.  Riverside Church has been part of a variety of religious movements and is  among the most famous churches in America. More so, it is a well-known site for progressive movements and claims to have 2,400 members.

#St. Paul’s Chapel

Visit the oldest surviving church in NYC. St. Paul’s Chapel in lower Manhattan has been in use since 1766 and is a National Historic Landmark. Located across from the World Trade Center, it was the site where a Thanksgiving service was held in 1789 to herald the presidency of George Washington.

#Mahayana Buddhist Temple

This largest Buddhist temple in NYC features a 16-foot golden statue of Lord Buddha. The temple depicts the scenes from the life of Buddha which enlighten visitors and keep them engaged for hours.  The temple spreads the teachings of Buddha and also holds public services on weekends.

#Central Synagogue

This 1872 built synagogue is an invaluable symbol of NYC’s Jewish community. A National Historic Landmark, it is known for elaborate style and also for copying the architectural design of Budapest’s Dohany Street Synagogue. This structure in Moorish Revival architectural style is also the longest-in-use synagogue in the Big Apple.

#Eldridge Street Synagogue

Visit this National Historic Landmark, which is also among the first NYC synagogues built by Eastern Europeans. Opened in 1887, Eldridge Street Synagogue on the Lower East Side of Manhattan is now a public museum where religious services are no longer held.

#Trinity Church

This church is a national historical site and is known for its amazing Gothic Revival-style structure. Visitors find Its 23-bell tower, bronze-laden doors and towering spires  awe inspiring. Consecrated in 1846, the church hosts daily services, weddings and baptisms. When in the Big Apple, visit this popular church to see one of the most popular spiritual symbols of this mega city.

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