Hostnine Review – Advice For Selecting A Powerful Web Hosting Service For Your Business

In this Hostnine review, we will find out whether the web hosting company stands true to its word and offers excellent hosting services for their clients. With the web hosting market competing with others, the firms should come up with exciting offers to be able to attract customers.

HostNine belongs to A Small Orange. The web hosting firm was wrongly dubbed by few social media users online with negative comments. Just like firms go through ups and downs, Hostnine has had it shares of positives and negatives. The good thing is that they have been able to come out strong and powerful.

Several Plans for Clients

The web hosting firm offers several plans for clients. They are reseller, shared, media hosting, cloud VPS, and dedicated. You would want to choose from them based on your requirements. If you are a website owner, then you would be flattered with the number of plans to choose from.

The most popular type of hosting offered by them is shared hosting. Personal websites and non-profit websites can benefit from this hosting. It just cost $3.45 per month without the coupon. Using coupons, you can get the hosting plan for lesser than $3 per month. There are three levels of shared hosting which include personal, business and enterprise.

Personal shared hosting is where you can only use one domain. The remaining two hosting options can allow for 100 domains. Having more plans helps you to choose from more and make the right decision. The firm offers 4 different kinds of plans which come with their own pros and cons.

cPanel Included

The cPanel is also offered which can help you effectively control your website. Being able to control your website is a good thing as it helps you to take efficient decisions. Not many web hosting firms provide you with that option. If you are looking for promoting your business, then this is an excellent application, which can help you create a brand name for your firm.

Efficient Customer Support

A web hosting firm must provide its clients with efficient customer support. It is safe to say that Hostnine offers efficient customer support to its clients. Though there have been some rumors about their customer support not being effective or answering questions in a professional manner, the firm is keen on providing dedicated hosting.

Proof of that is their new billing system which allows you to make easy payments. The billing system is known as ModernBill billing software.

One cannot call HostNine bad, but at the same time call is excellent. Small business firms and single owners may want to take note of that. When starting out, you might want to make use of low cost web hosting solutions and then upgrade when you want to do. Just like every product, there are some good and bad, it will lie in your hands to choose the web hosting firm which can help your business grow and meet your requirements.

To know more about the Hostnine review, you might want to spend some time on their website.

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