Tips On Choosing From A Medley Of Ecommerce CRM Software Providers

Ecommerce CRM software

Without a doubt the leading cloud ecommerce CRM service providers have set the standard high. But this doesn’t mean there are no other contenders. Take, for example, Salesforce, a leading CRM provider. It is suitable for small, medium and large companies, but it is also designed to do a lot of things that you might not need and may be lacking what you do want your cloud CRM to do. Here is an overview of a few of the other providers so you can get a quick overview on the newest ecommerce CRM software solutions that don’t dry up your wallet in a hurry.


Topping the list of the best CRM software for insurance agents that are not Salesforce is FreeCRM. As the name implies, this service is free. There are paid upgrades allowed but they mostly allow for ad free operation and branding. FreeCRM allows for mobile CRM that puts all of the power of your office applications for CRM in your agents hands wherever they are, which will boost their productivity. It has a simple interface and is rated as very user friendly; which works together to get your agents up and running on the system faster.


This is one of the best CRM software for insurance agents that comes from Oracle. There is a key difference about this cloud CRM product release compared to their other entrants in the field. RightNow is optimized for social media. That means integrated communications, advanced tracking and flexible reporting is built-in. With its dynamic communication possibilities and standard CRM integrations, this can be a powerful tool to help you tap into expanded demographics.


Another of the highly rated cloud CRM packages, Sugar CRM is often considered to be the main competitor of Salesforce. It has an integrated system that places an emphasis on data analysis and can easily incorporate tracking and lead development lists. The interface is clear and adoption rates are high. It has an advantage over RightNow as it can be easier to create customer portals too.


This is another of the leading contenders that can be just what you need if you are an independent agent or small brokerage. It provides for 2500 contacts, two users and 200mb of storage. The monthly upgrade fee to add users is under $13, which makes expansion affordable. Customers rate the interface highly. The only drawback is that support is provided by email only.

Which One Will Work For You?

The only real way to answer that question is to try one of these CRM services yourself and read plenty of reviews, advises Forbes magazine. Assemble a test group, or if you are solo create a test protocol, and put the software through its paces. If you are looking at mobile CRM solutions make sure you test it from all of your devices, too. Analyze your findings and you will be able to pick the right one for your small business and ecommerce needs.

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