Boiling Water Taps Are The Newest Office Innovation

Boiling Water Taps Are The Newest Office Innovation

Having access to water that is instantly hot and ready is one of the most popular additions to office kitchens and tea-points. This type of advantage is beneficial for a number of reasons. Users might want the water for tea, instant coffee, or any other reason. Knowing why so many offices find these installations useful may give you enough reason to consider giving this convenience to your own employees.

Boiling Water Taps Are The Newest Office Innovation

Save Time

There are many subtle ways to improve productivity within the workplace, and one of those is to reduce the time needed for an employee to get hot water as needed. Time lost can represent a big problem for a company, and being able to instantly brew coffee or tea should significantly reduce the amount of time lost each quarter. Such a convenience will also help to alleviate queues and congestion within an office kitchen as well as reduce the amount of time employees spend in the area, which will increase their available time to be working.


When choosing a boiling water tap, one thing to remember is that these installations are more hygienic by nature than a traditional warm and cold water tap. These provide instant hot water that can be used to clean and sterilise spoons and other utensils at a faster rate and with more convenience. Depending on the type of tap chosen, some come with filters that limit odour, eliminate sediments, omit chlorine taste, and remove potentially harmful minerals and chemicals that might be present in the water.

Save Money

With a traditional warm water tap, one must allow the water to run for several seconds before it is at the proper temperature for use. Such running water will add up to thousands of litres lost each year just to employees waiting for hot water. Kettles are also higher in cost to use and are not particularly energy efficient, meaning they do not lend well to a cost-effective solution.

Those who use a kettle often fill it with far more water than necessary, increasing the amount of time before boiling and the cost per boil. The next person to use it will just be losing you more money and energy by reheating previously boiled water. Instant boiling taps are far more efficient with both water and energy, allowing you to see a significant decrease in cost in the long run.


The majority of accidents that occur both inside a residential property and commercial properties happen in the kitchen, and not only from slips and falls. Each year, hundreds of injuries and even deaths occur due to knocked over kettles or boiling water being spilled. The ability to supply boiling water instantly and with a controlled stream from a tap should significantly reduce the chances for error, leaving your employees safer in the workplace.

Less time needed in the kitchen will also lend to having fewer accidents in the workplace. It should be workplace practice to have a warning sign next to the tap to indicate that the water is at boiling temperature. Having this in place should improve the environment at work, increase employee productivity, and may even improve employee retention by telling employees you are willing to invest in their convenience.

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