How To Clean Your Area Rug

When you purchase area rugs for your home, it is important to keep them clean; otherwise you run the risk of allergic build ups and having to replace them frequently when they are not properly cared for and become tattered or destroyed. Area rug cleaning prices can range anywhere from an average $2.50 to $3 per square foot. You may wind up spending around an estimated $200 to $250 for an oriental rug cleaning.

Here are some tips to keeping those rugs clean yourself so that you can avoid those area rug cleaning prices at all costs.

Monthly Maintenance

Every month turn your area rug upside down so and vacuum the back of the area rug. You may opt to utilize a rotating brush vacuum on the other side of your wool rug. It is suggested to only use suction on the front of an area rug. When you vacuum the back side of the rug using a rotating brush it helps push grime trapped or embedded deep within the fibers towards the upper part of the rug.

You will then turn the rug right side up so that the grime can more easily be vacuumed away. A rotating brush vacuum on each side of a synthetic area rug is best for proper care.

Tassel Care

In the event that you vacuum over the fringes, they could become trapped within the beater bar. You should not even attempt to vacuum the fringes at all. You should instead, fluff them manually when necessary. If you avoid this step, you could have a damage area rug. Mix a teaspoon of Woolite with water in a spray bottle and wipe up dust and debris with a cloth.

Solutions And Sprays

Typically carpet cleaning solutions are used on synthetic carpet and are not recommended for wool area rugs. It is highly suggested that you follow closely the label prior to utilizing any area rug or spot shampoo cleaning solution. When you apply either kind of cleaning solution you should ensure that you rinse it out completely. When there is an excess of soap left in your area rug it will captivate dirt.

You should evaluate your rug using a wet white cotton towel to examine whether the colors will run or not. Always test a less conspicuous spot before applying any solutions to the entire rug to monitor fading or discoloring.

Clean Immediate Spills

When a spill occurs don’t wait to address it. You can clean a spill using a pure spotless white cotton non-wet towel and applying pressure on the area from the outer surface towards the center of the area rug. You want to do this step repetitively, while flipping the folded towel over again and again until all the moisture has been absorbed. When you are cleaning the spot, glide the towel in an aligned line, so that you are not rubbing the area in a circle.

Avoid circular motion or excessive back and forth vigorous scrubbing. If you attempt to rub the area of your rug into a circle you could cause permanent destruction to your area rug. If your area rug has a milk spill on it, you should rinse out the spot completely with a gentle detergent and water to prevent any residue from occurring. You could also apply an equivalent amount of 10% hydrogen peroxide and dish liquid cleaning solution onto a cotton towel to clean out any red wine spot.

Cleaning area rugs on your own is cost effective. You  save yourself hundreds of dollars by implementing these steps.

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