Tips To Make Your Website Famous

People all over in these days are little confused how making their blog or website look more visible, it’s simple, don’t make routine mistakes in developing your website, designing and choosing copyrighted content and so on.

Take Risks in Preparing your Content

Write your content that nobody else wants to write even if it risk to do, writing this content will make people think of it and it will be automatically voted, shared and liked by everyone. It also increases people to connect with your website, because people they will be waiting for some other good content for your website again.

Always with Full and Good Content

Don’t even try to publish your content before it is fully completed. Never make your website visitor wait for insufficient staff, this will make a negative impression on your blog or website and next time visitors may ignore your page and make others too.

Make it clear to understand

Everyone all over this world, people are not clear in reading and understanding the stuff what they read. Writing a good and large Article is not a big task to do, the thing is, content should be clear soft to understand by everyone who read it and clearly understand the stuff what they are reading. This process will make visitors of your website or blog more interesting and make them to visit your website again.

Text Design

Visitor always make a snapshot decisions in reading stuff what they needed. For example: people search for a word “SEO TRICKS” in search engine and the top 10 results appears on the first page, they may not have sufficient time to read all those top 10 pages, they quickly opens 4 or 5 pages  in different tabs, and start snapshot reading every page, they will find only one page attractive to read.

This is because the particular page the visitor chooses may be with these features…?

Rich in text design, Side heading with bold, some italic and bold Keyword highlights, and good in attractive color design.

Avoid using frustrating text, design and different colors in designing.

Make your content happy and reading with a smiley face 

It is better to make small paragraphs; this will make visitors to read it easily and clearly.

Adding Media to your Post

It may be video or image it is better to add single image to each different concept, sentence or paragraph if needed. It is not that add image for every 3 line, sentence, make sure if the visitor is reading some unknown concept, to make it understand clear soft add media if needed.

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