How To Treat Children With Mental Health Problems

How To Treat Children With Mental Health Problems

According to research, half of the cases of mental illness that occur in a lifetime, begin at the age of 14. Though the symptoms may yet appear, the changes in a child’s body that lead to mental illness may start earlier. Researchers are keenly studying how the brain of a child develops.

It is in the hope that it will provide them with more understanding of the early stages of illnesses that may appear later in life. Early detection of the signs may help the children and parents manage the challenge early. And hopefully, aid in preventing the development of disorders.

For diagnosis, you will have to see a specialist who will have to observe the signs and symptoms. He or she has to rule out any other possible cause for a particular behavior. It can be a challenging process as young children may not be able to express their feelings efficiently.

Probably not at par with the challenge you may face when writing a pediatrics personal statement . After diagnosis, the specialist may recommend a specific treatment option. It could be medication or psychotherapy.

Below are some of the treatment options:

Psychotropic Medication

There is still more research that needs to be carried out in determining the effects of such medication in very young children. Weighing the benefits and risks of each treatment option is essential. Such medicines affect the chemicals in the brain that relate to behavior and mood.

It may help the child manage severe or complicated problems. In some instances, they may be combined with other medication, to make them useful.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy can be helpful to people with mental illness when combined with medication. CBT is shown to be effective in treating some conditions. They include depression, social anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It will help the individual to change their behavior and way of thinking. It can also be useful in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

Play Therapy

Playing isn’t just helpful after a hard day of working on your personal statement pediatrics. In play therapy, the therapist observes the feelings and recurring themes in a child. It is used to treat mental illness in children at 12 years of age up to 3 years.

It uses games and toys to explore a variety of concepts, e.g., projection, displacement, etc. It challenges the child to find effective alternatives to disturbing behavior. To feel projection of feeling, they can role-play using puppets.

The children learn to use toys to represent words.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

It is an approach used to treat Autistic Disorder, depression, and anxiety. It helps in encouraging personal responsibility and social interactions with other people. It can also help the child to reduce stress and calm them down.


There is still more research needed in finding effective treatments for children with mental illness. As they take medication, each child requires close monitoring.

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