Things We Should Know About Waterless Washing Method

Waterless car wash methods are among those used to clean our cars. It is often said that waterless cat wash has a number of drawbacks. As an example, many people are concerned that waterless car wash methods can scratch the car paint. However, with enough common sense, marring and scratching can be avoided. When performing waterless car wash, we should use high quality microfiber towerl and based on experience, many people get good results with 300 gsm towels. When buying these towels, we should ask sellers about the weight. In any car cleaning method, both wet and waterless, dirt could scratch the paint easily. After the waterless wash formula has been applied to the microfiber towel, we should use light strokes, so we are able to properly pick up dart. Regardless of the position of the car surface, we should avoid rubbing aggressively. This is especially true on lower parts of the car, where dirt is usually found. The wipe and lift method should be safe enough to prevent any kind scratching.

Again, we need to use common sense. If we have driven the car through sandy and muddy area, we need to pre-rinse the car. It may appear that pre-rinsing the car defeats the benefit of waterless washing, but it’s also the same step that we need to deal with very dirty car, before wet washing. High pressure water and good hose should make the pre-rinsing step is easy to do. After pre-rinsing the car, we need to wait for the surface to get dry completely. Again, we should be aware that the method is not entirely waterless. The dirty microfiber towels with dirt and some formula will need to be cleaned in a bucket of water. It’s obviously nice to clean the war without water, but it isn’t realistic. However, we still use significantly less water than the normal wet method. Quality microfiber towel should be very easy to clean. To do this, we need to add a bit of dish detergent into a bucket of warm water. Waterless washing is much faster to accomplish when we use 4 or 5 towels, because it is both easier and faster to use and clean multiple towels.

Quality microfiber towel can be cleaned and reused many times. If we wash our car once every two week, these towel should last for more than one year. Waterless washing formula is usually more powerful than normal washing method. Waterless car wash formula is often consisted of pH builders, lubricants and surfactants. After applying the waterless washing formula, we could use quick detailers to make the car paint appears glossy and shiny. There are different waterless washing formulas out there. Some of them can be based on petroleum-distillate, while others are water-based. We should know about this by reading the ingredient on the packaging. Water-based products are usually safer for our car and they are not greasy. These products should also be able to positively affect the environment, instead of those based of petroleum-distillate.

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