Cheat Code For Saving Money On Calls While Traveling Abroad

When you are traveling abroad especially for a vacation you need to decide everything under the sun. Right from fixing the exact dates of your travel to booking your air tickets, hotel accommodation, you have to take care of every small little detail by yourself. One of the many things which you have to also take care of is your calling when you on vacation are your international calls. This post helps provides you for some useful information on how to effectively manage your international calling on your vacation.

Activating international roaming on your number will you shell shocked with long and never ending mobile phone bill. Instead of facing this shock of your life, it is always better to opt for an International sim card which will help you make unlimited calls without bothering about bills.

Get an international roaming SIM card

One of the most sure shot ways of reducing the roaming charges on your phone is by getting an international roaming SIM card. Almost all of us have smart phones these days. All you have to do is to get the roaming sim, insert it in your phone. Make sure that before you leave, you call the carrier company so that you will be able to unlock the phone as well as to freeze the number which you are currently using, else you will be unnecessarily charged.

How to get the international roaming SIM card?

Many people opt for activating international roaming on their local sim card with the fear that in a foreign country they will not be able to catch hold of a local sim of that country. However, this fear is a passé because the minute you land in a foreign country you have plenty of shops offering local sim cards either free or at dirt cheap rates. All you have to do is to keep your eyes wide open so as to be able to see these shops at the airport.

Find out all the relevant information and then buy

When you land at the airport you are literally bombarded with sim cards of all the carrier companies as a result of which it is more than likely that you can get confused. One way of avoiding the confusion is to do some research beforehand and find out the most cost effective sim card which offers comparatively lower calling as well as data surfing rates because you will need lot of data when travelling. Hence, it is always a good idea to be prepared on that instead of waiting till the last minute where eventually you will land spending more.

Here lies the answer

Want to know the secret to low international calling rates? The secret is Ajura. Ajura offers international roaming SIM cards to almost every country due to which travelers, especially frequent travelers can enjoy making international calls without getting worried about long bills.

Getting an International SIM card is a prerequisite while travelling overseas. Just get one of these and start using and have a fun filled and stress free vacation. Bon Voyage!

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