How DVSA Provides Learning Resources And Conducts Theory Test For People With Special Needs?

DVA ensures that every candidate is capable of driving responsibly and safely, by conducting driving theory and practical test.

People with special needs are provided with necessary facilities. However, one must ensure that they inform DVA about their needs, while making online booking here It allows them to make the necessary adjustments.

Facilities for candidates with special requirements

Voice assisted tests

If you cannot understand or read English well, then a voiceover is available in 21 languages to select from. If you forgot to have made arrangements about specific requirements, while booking, then request for it, when you arrive to appear for this theory test.

How the voiceover functions?

Through headphones candidates can hear a voice that reads the theory test questions and instructions. Answers can be heard by clicking on screen text. For listening to the questions again and again, just click on question text.

Interpreter assisted test

If your need is for an interpreter assisted test, then get in touch with relevant DVA approved interpreter. Make arrangement prior the test date and pay the fees that they usually charge.

In case of reading difficulties

Dyslexia is one such condition, where you find it difficult to read, so ask for English voiceover. For the multiple choice segment of theory test, the candidate can even request for double time by providing a valid proof of reading disability.

In case of hearing difficulties

Hearing-impaired candidates can request for theory test in sign language or BSL. The British Sign Language runs alongside multiple choice questions and options. You can even arrange to take interpreter inside the test centre, if you don’t use BSL, but make sure to ask the DVA customer service section. No extra fees are charged for this facility.

Needs to be booked early without evidence

  • Hearing loop
  • Signer
  • Lip speaker
  • For people with mobility issues, equipments like foot pedals and specially adapted mic for operating computer easily are provided

Needs that require teacher or doctor’s evidence?

  • Reader – To read text appearing on the screen
  • Recorder – To record answers
  • Reader & recorder – Combination of above two
  • Extra time – Maximum time provided is double the usual time but its length varies in accordance to individual circumstances
  • Solitude – Separate or private room

OLM test facility

There are some rare cases, where candidates have difficulties in understanding language. They need a simple language. DVA offers them oral language modification test. In this OLM test, specially qualified instructor will re-word the text easily for better understanding.

OLM can modify sentence structure as well as non-technical phrases and words. Technical language will not be changed because you need to be acquainted with those terms. Thus, no unfair advantage will be given to people having difficulties in understanding language.

Home tests

An arrangement for home theory test is also undertaken in exceptional circumstances but evidence is necessary.

Publication of theory preparation test 

Official DVSA has published theory driving revision test for candidates with communication challenges and learning disabilities in different ways with voiceover.

  • iPhone app
  • Android app
  • eBook
  • DVSA learning zone
  • Practice theory test with 50 questions

This allows the people with special needs to learn their theory portion in three books Official Highway Code, DVSA driving guidelines, and understanding traffic signs.

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