5 Useful NEET Preparation Tips For Medical Aspirants

5 Useful NEET Preparation Tips For Medical Aspirants

We all have seen how difficult NEET turned out in the year 2016. Both students and parents had to go through a tough time with so many updates and changes related to it. All these changes in NEET happened so instantly that both parents and students were not prepared to take the changes that occurred.

According to the Supreme Court hearing, NEET 2016 created a huge fuss. Students went through a lot of nervousness and tension. Many of them dropped out the exam at the last moment because of the chaos that it had created. Now the medical aspirants are hoping to start with fresh mind and begin their preparations for NEET 2017.

NEET 2016 was not organized or implemented properly due to which most of the students had to go through a lot of hassles. But this year, NEET 2017 is being organized in a good manner and is expected to be implemented in a systematic way. Download the NEET application form 2017 online and apply for the examination if you are interesting in taking it up.

  1. Tips to Start Your Preparations for NEET Exam

Most of the students have a lot of confusion about NEET exam and its syllabus. Undoubtedly, there will be some amount of difference in the NEET syllabus when compared to the state entrance exams. No worries. There are many recommended books like AIPMT books and NCERT books, which would help the medical aspirants. So, start off with your preparation.

  1. Tips to Tackle Subjects Like Physics, Chemistry and Biology

NEET exams will have many questions from the subject physics. Physics is a subject that contains both theoretical and numerical questions. All the medical aspirants have to give equal importance to both the topics. HC Verma is a well-known Physics study material, which is specially devised to prepare for entrance exam. This book would be of great help for all the students taking up NEET examination. Work on the questions that associate theoretical physics to everyday life. By doing this, it would help you to improve your analytical abilities.

The most recommended books for Chemistry and Biology is the NCERT text book. It’s advised to take many practice tests and solve a lot of questions each day as it would help you increase your accuracy and speed. This would help you crack the NEET 2017 easily.

  1. Tips for State Board Students to Take up NEET 2017

There is no separate exam for state board students and CBSE students. It’s just a single medical entrance exam. State board students would find NEET exams tougher than the CBSE students as most of the topics will not be covered for state board students. If you are a state board student and are looking for a medical college, then you should start working really hard as cracking NEET exam is not a joke. It’s even advisable to join a coaching center where they can train students with personal attention. State board students do not have to panic as NEET is not a big mountain to climb. All that it requires is the right amount of hard work and dedication.

  1. Tips to Tackle the Language and Syllabus Issue in NEET 2017

Along with the CET syllabus, NEET has added extra topics of AIPMT level. Almost all the concepts have remained the same. All that it requires is the right approach to analyze the problem. This NEET exam is basically made to test how strong the students are with their basics. Without their basics being strong, it’s highly impossible to solve any problem. So, all the medical aspirants should buckle up their shoes and start working on your basics right now.

Language is something that has to be improved on a day-to-day basis and it can’t get better overnight. Start speaking in English. This language will definitely help you shape your future and growth.

  1. Tips to Handle the Competition Rate in NEET 2017

Undoubtedly, NEET 2017 will have lakhs of students applying for medical college as this is the only medical entrance examination all over India. The competition is directly proportional to the number of students taking up the exam. More the students, tougher the competition. But one good thing is that students appearing in NEET 2017 will be eligible to all get admission in all the medical colleges in the country. They do not have to worry about multiple state medical entrance exams.

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