3 Tips For Improving Your About Us Page

For an ecommerce website, the About Us page is one of the most important pages yet also one that typically gets the least amount of attention. However, if you use your About Us page to your advantage and craft it beautifully, it should aid you in bringing in more sales and creating more customer loyalty to you and your brand. To help you know just how to pump up your About Us page, here are three tips you can implement on your site today.

  1. Use Your Own Voice

Site visitors come to your About Us page because they want to get a feel for the type of company and people they will be working with if they choose to do business with you. Depending on the type of business you’re running, it may seem more natural for you to write in a very professional voice.

However, this can come off as cold and make some visitors shy away from doing business with you. Rather than try to sound a certain way that may not reflect the attitude of your company, Rusty Meadows of Shopify.com advises using the same type of voice for your About Us page as you do for your support email and social interactions. This give you a consistent. cohesive voice that will give your readers a better understanding of who you are as a company.

  1. Write Content For Your Audience

Many businesses focus on themselves when they’re writing the content for their About Us page. And while this may seem tempting—it is called an “About Us” page afterall—Ben Austin of Moz.com suggests spinning your content on this page so it talks more about what you can do for your customers or clients. Address how you can fix their problems or help make their lives easier. This content shouldn’t be too promotional; it should show visitors that your focus is on them and catering to their needs through your products or services.

  1. Mix Stock Photos with Real Photos

Just because your About Us page may be shorter than other pages on your site is no excuse to leave out images. In fact, having images of your location and employees is a great way for your potential customers or clients to get to know you. Amy Harding of Business2Community.com states that being willing to put your name and face to your work can make people more trusting of the quality you produce. Having a good balance of candid photography and stock images will make your About Us page really stand out. Implementing quality stock photos is also a great way for you to get more high level ideas across to your readers in a simple, non-threatening way. The correct mix will help you get your point across while also building rapport with your visitors.

Creating a great About Us page is the perfect way for visitors to get to know you and your brand, so take advantage of this chance by writing good content for the readers and having awesome photography to complement it.

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