10 Collaboration Sunglasses That’ll Probably Get You Laid

Sunglasses would appear to be such a little extra, however they can change the entire look of an outfit. The wrong match will make you resemble the sort of douche that moms caution their girls about; the right combine will change you into the sort of gentleman moms advise their girls to stay waiting to pounce for.

So to help you stay away from the first choice, and nail the second alternative, here’s 10 coordinated effort sunglasses that will upgrade your outfit and set you on the right way.

Linda Farrow X KRISVANASSCHE Kva21/ If you’re searching for an exquisite lady who preferences to end her nights in a smoke-filled dance club talking grimy over a container of lavish vodka, wear these.

Garrett Leight X Machado Brothers Marshall Matte Dark Tortoise With Gold Mirror/ Wearing these unpretentious feline eye pieces is a force move. It says, “I’m so agreeable in my sexuality that I can wear lady y sunglasses and still be the man”.

Maison Kitsuné X Oliver Peoples Paris Sunglasses/ If you’re searching for a flighty woman, wear some capricious sunglasses.

Super Sunglasses for Eyegoodies/ The earpiece specifying on this piece’ll tell your potential darling that you think about refined nuances.

Nike Limited Special Edition Mojo Sunglasses/ Yeah, you’re physical. You’re fit as a fiddle. Told your woman this.

MYKITA X Bernhard Willhelm Black Xaver Sunglasses/ These’ll make you resemble a ’80s coke merchant and you’ll get the sort of insane (magnificent) chicks who are down with that.

Illesteva x Lou Reed Aviator Sunglasses/ These shout Maverick from ‘Top Gun’.

Carhartt x Retrosuperfuture Stokely Sunglasses/ These say, “I don’t give a f*ck. What’s more I need a couple of stout edges that can stay aware of my mentality.”

Super X Etudes Sunglasses/ This pair will make your eyes resemble two major pools of profound blue water … ladies will gaze into them for a considerable length of time.

Shota Matsuda X Oakley/ Project a capable, genuine, Johnny Cash-esque vibe with these terrible young mens.

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