What Are The 7 Most Famous Office Designs

Nowadays more individuals are embracing the idea to have a creative workplace environment that helps and stimulates the minds of people. Everyone now tries to break the old mould and introduce unique working environment for the employees and themselves. All the workplace can’t be equal. Some offices reduce the morale of workers while some keeps them happy and inspire them to be creative and energetic. Some of the offices are featured with athletic equipment that helps their employees to reduce stress while some of the workplaces are featured with lounges where all the workers feel at home and can relax. So the offices are designed as to encourage workers creativity.

Most Famous Office Designs:

  1. ICRAVE office- Is an award winning New YorkCity design. Itboosts flexible workplaces and encourages both employee’s interaction and collaboration. It is teamed with wooden decoration and cute chalk board. Here people really adore to work.
  1. Google- Offices of Google are really incredible. Zurich office is the best designed office. There are array of rooms to play sports, dance, sing, and aquarium where the staff can relax, sky lounge, firemen’s poles, movie room etc. Here you will find different themed gondolas and fake ski-cabin designs.
  1. BICOM-communications- This office design is filled with all sorts of stylish goodies.Its main design is house like pods, that define work area and each work area has own décor like fake grass and wood paneling. Social area of the office has stylish furniture and bright lights. Each work area is defined by house like pods.
  1. Mind candy office- This office features wooden tree house. It is the new home for Monshi monster. It is not an ordinary workplace. Their head office has a proper carpeting system and a tree houseand vines hanging from the ceiling, bright artwork, and coloring in walls. Here you will find quiet area that look like holes and also has helter-shelter style slide that takes you between floors.
  1. Google Japan office- This office has loud patterns as well as bright colors and inspirational furniture designs. Here each team has their worn specific designed area. This office is pretty impressive and the environment might not be to everyone’s taste. The restrooms are filled with colorful designs.
  1. Selgas Cano- This studio is very beautiful and is half above ground level image and half under. Here the employees get round the clock beautiful view and is located in the middle of woods in Madrid.
  1. Cartoon network office Atlanta- This office adopts a cubicle system. Here each individual workplace is customized and one can find bright colorful furniture, mascots, photos, magnets, stockers, cartoon characters.

Array of Awesome Office Designs

Office designs are one of most significant part of any workplace. Many companies invest in the interior and exterior designs of offices or workplace to be more pleasing and presentable. If the interior of the workplace is well designed it encourages productivity. Good interior design gives clients and visitors a feeling of welcome. Office design in Melbourne is mostly designed for maximum inspiration and has direct impact on productivity and creativity. The design layout for any office is an essential consideration in creating a pleasing working environment.

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