How Does Office Seating Affect The Work Environment?

How Does Office Seating Affect The Work Environment?

There are truly a countless number of ways for seating arrangements in an office space, and there are also a countless number of studies regarding the topic.  As a result of these studies, people have formed quite a few theories and opinions regarding how an office should be seated properly.  If you are tasked with the seating arrangements at an office space, you’ll ultimately have to decide which seating arrangement you want to go with.

The two major forms of office seating are an open office and cubicles.  Open seating is definitely easier to set up, and is primarily used so that the office workers are able to easily communicate with one another.  This is why in an office environment where team work is a key ingredient, many turn to the open seating format.  To get experts opinion, please visit the following website: Office Seating In Portland

The alternative is the cubicle format which allows for more personal space for workers and less distractions.  Many prefer cubicles for this reason, while others claim that it doesn’t allow for enough communication or interaction between the office workers.

Either cubicles or the open office arrangement are viable options for you, but regardless of the one who choose to go with, the workplace will still be affected by the plan no matter what.  You need to maximize space in order to affect the office negatively at the very least.  You’ll need to take into account where power outlets are, where the cooling vents are, where people need to be seated to communicate with people with similar tasks to theirs, and so on.  Maximize the use of space in your office, and you can do this by sitting people next to power outlets and with people they work closely with.

But you need to be aware of the fact that no matter what plan you choose to go with, there will always be at least one or two people in the office who will not like the seating arrangement that you have selected.  You or the manager or whoever will always receive complaints about something.  Someone may want to sit next to window, they make dislike the cubicles or open office, they may dislike being under the cooling vents, and so on.  Deciding beforehand that you want to make every single person in the office happy about the seating arrangement is a nearly impossible goal that will only lead to more problems.  It’s important that you stick to the rule of maximizing space so that people can get as much work done as possible.

Lastly, be careful about how you sit people in the office.  Your goal is to make sure that the workplace is totally efficient with the new office set up.  But if you know two particular people who are more likely to distract each other when seated near one another, you’ll want to sit them apart.  And if there are two people who need to work together often, then put them close together.  Office seating affects the workplace as you can either maximize or minimize the efficiency of people getting their work done.

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