How To Create A Website and 2 Most Common Platforms Of Website Designing- PHP AND DOTNET

There are end number of people who jump into the business of online platform via a website. However, there are many precautions that need to be taken before opting for a website. One has end number of possibilities so as to create a website.  One can contact individuals who can work for them however, they do not belong to a company. Either way he or she can contact a company as well which has many benefits attached to it.

But, how a website is created is the main question!

There are different platforms on which one can build a website. Some of the platforms which are there are mentioned below-


The platform offers a much secure mode of designing a website and it allows one to be less prone to hacker’s mischiefs. The platform has been appreciated by many people across the globe because of the ease of usage and less threats attached with it.


The one of the oldest platforms of website building has less to offer as compared to PHP. It is used in low budget websites and can be easily be hacked by a hacker. The less usability and more threats make this a choice which has been forgotten now.

  • Basic steps of website building require domain registration, website designing, content uploading and making the website online.  Once the website is online you can rejoice the features you have paid for.
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