A Brief Introduction To The Best Selling Books

A Brief Introduction To The Best Selling Books

Becoming an author, self positioning and earning money is not an easy job. Without surprise your attribute, passion as well profession of writing novels, books of stories, science fictions can help you earn amazingly. In addition, the biggest advantage of being an author is earning of royalty, which is your lifetime income. Those who are already in the profession can well understand how difficult it is to get positioned or get a name. After all, that is what pays to a novelist. Natalie Walet, a famous book critic, reviewer and guide helps you choose certain genres which are highly demanding and have earning potential in the books industry.

According to this California based book critic, the highest-earning kinds of books are mainly the fantasy and science fiction based writings. To establish her claim she talks about the world famous authors namely J.K. Rowling, the great composer of ‘Harry Potter’ Series of books; the book like ‘Hunger Games’ written by Suzanne Collins as well as J.R.R. Tolkien who has contributed readers with the excellent novel like ‘The Lord of the Rings’. Undoubtedly, in publishing business or book industry the fantasy series and science fictions books have the top growing demands. Natalie says that particularly this genre of books come in the best sellers list in years after years.

The second position is mainly occupied by the Religious or Inspirational types of books. According to her apart from Holy Bible, religious writing like ‘Men are from Mars’, written by John Gray or his composition ‘Women are from Venus’ are top liked by people throughout the world. She also refers the author Mark Victor Hansen who is the writer of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ which was top sought to readers today. As stated by Natalie Walet in her personal website that the Romantic novels and writings takes the next place when it comes to people’s demand and writer’s earning. To ascertain her statement, Natalie brings example of the superlative romance genre book ‘Fifty Shades of Grey, which is a great composition of E.L. James.

The romantic book has continued demand in global book market. Natalie also refers the internationally famed author like Danielle Steel, Nicholas Sparks who have contributed significantly to enrich the world literature with high class romantic novels. She says that books like ‘The Promise or ‘The Notebook’ from these writers has become legendary. The resident of Fresno, California Natalie Walet is one of the top budding book critics in America. Her research skill, wide analysis expertise and great guidelines are top liked to book readers of all ages.

Those who are passionate of reading classic books of various kinds can go through the blogs of Natalie Walet. Out of her Facebook, Twitter or Printrest sites you can get comprehensive knowledge of wonderful books, top demanding authors and book reviews. Apart from this, you can get helpful tips from Natalie in order to be successful as a book critic.

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