Cold Room Manufacturers: 5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy

Cold room manufacturers are like any other manufacturer. Product and service quality will differ depending on which one you choose.

No matter what type of business you’re a part of, choosing your cold room manufacturer shouldn’t be something you take lightly. The average length of time a business has a freezer room or chiller room is 10-20 years, meaning a lot of care needs to be taken to ensure the right purchase is made.

To help you pick the right manufacturer, here are four important questions you need to ask them. 

  1. Manufacturing Scale 

You may think the manufacturing methods of anybody making refrigeration rooms is irrelevant. You couldn’t be more wrong. In actual fact, going for cold room manufacturers that produce products on a large scale is likely to save you money, and quite a lot of it, too. They’re able to pass on their savings to you, which can only be a good thing.

Look for a company who manufactures for a national client base if you want the best deal. 

  1. Safety Features 

When manufacturing a chiller room, some companies choose to leave out many safety features so that customers can purchase them later if they wish. While this probably doesn’t sound ideal to you, it is a common practice.

If you want safety features to come as standard when buying your freezer room, look for a company that includes features such as monitoring and recording as standard. 

  1. Everyday Use 

Chances are, you’ll want to use your cold room frequently. Perhaps you’ll want to use it everyday if business is booming. Believe it or not, some manufacturers don’t make cold rooms suitable for frequent use. It’s not that these rooms are built to break or anything, it’s just that they haven’t been made as logistically-friendly as possible.

To know if a company makes cold rooms for daily use, ask them about the types of shelving they use. Also ask them about special features such as control panels and monitoring systems. These features indicate a manufacturer is thinking about businesses that work on a large scale and need their cold room to be as efficient and easy to use as possible. 

  1. Site Surveying and Installation 

While this particular question won’t help you decipher a company’s manufacturing capabilities, it will help you decide on which one is right for you.

While some companies will survey your business’ premises to help you choose the right model for your needs, others won’t. While some companies will take care of the installation process, others won’t. It’s not that these companies that won’t aren’t intent on providing a good service, it’s usually down to cost.

If you’d like a more hands-on approach from your manufacturer, it’s best to ask them how they handle site surveying and installation before buying.

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