Different Types f Commercial Trucks

Truck industry plays a vital role to boost up the economic growth of your business. It is one of the important ways to deliver and pick up goods. Commercial trucks are different types. It consists of various classes and types. If you deal with the truck industry or if you are a commercial truck driver, you should have the knowledge of this. It is important to educate yourself about the truck industry when you belong to that industry. Many online sites are available from where you can get full information. This site is helpful for you. If you are a commercial truck driver, having the knowledge of how to drive different types of trucks, it would definitely help you to get different types of driving work. There are 8 types of Commercial trucks and these types are also divided into three general categories.

  • Light duty
  • Medium duty,
  • Heavy duty.

Make sure you must have a commercial driving license to drive the truck.

Types of commercial trucks

  • Dump truck

Dump truck is a quite common truck. This truck is also known as tipper truck or dumper truck. This truck is generally used for carrying dump for construction purpose. You can see this type of truck mainly in construction sites or another place where you need to move the dump such as soil, dirt, rock. The truck deposits materials on the ground of the delivery site.

  • Tractor trailer

A tractor-trailer is the most common type of truck which can be seen everywhere. A tractor-trailer is also known as 18-wheelers or big rigs. A tractor-trailer is a powerful vehicle, which can carry heavy loads and can cover a long distance with ease. This truck has two parts. One is in front of the driver, another one is in behind where you can carry goods. The two parts can bend when it is needed.

  • Cement mixer

Cement mixer can often be seen in many construction sites. A cement mixer is a device, which is utilized, for the mixture of cement, sand, water, and gravel and it makes a concrete. This type of truck uses a rolling drum, which mixes all these components. Every company prefers this for construction purpose.

  • Flatbed

Flatbed truck does not carry any type of liquid material. It carries only solid materials. It is also known as flatbed lorry. As the name suggests the entire look of the truck is flat. It can load goods very easily. The truck is always ready to carry abnormal loads also.

  • Refrigerator Truck

The refrigerator truck is mainly required in the grocery store and also in the food manufacturing company. The food manufacturing companies use this type of trucks to transport frozen foods, as these foods require to store in a chilled area at the time of transportation.

  • Garbage truck

Garbage truck plays a vital role to keep our environment clean. Every municipality has at least one garbage truck. It takes all the garbage, thrash and carries it to the dumping ground. It is designed to carry solid waste.

  • Tanker

The tanker is specially designed to carry liquids and fluids. This truck has a cylindrical tube in behind, right in the place of the trailer. Oil Tankers are two types;  Product tanker and crude tanker.

  • Heavy Hauler

This is mostly known as the heavy beast. The driver of this truck needs special permission to operate this truck. Every commercial vehicle should have insurance.  You would find numerous agents in the market that provide perfect insurance for your commercial vehicles. For more details, you can check the Progressive truck insurance review. Commercial truck’s highway also classified on the base of GVWR, i.e gross vehicle weight rating. With this measurement, you can stop the truck to get overload.

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