4 Great Reasons to Try Vaping to Help You Quit Smoking

People start smoking for different reasons but one thing all smokers have in common is that at some point you will consider quitting. Unfortunately getting off of cigarettes is often easier said than done, and there is no shortage of suggested methods for curing your cravings. One of the newest methods for helping to shake the habit is also one of the most effective — using vape pens or electronic cigarettes. With vape based nicotine products you can ease your nicotine cravings without having to also take in the more harmful chemicals which are inside of every cigarette you smoke. If you’re considering giving up smoking here are the best reasons to choose vaping as your solution.

Health Comes First

The primary reason most smokers look to quit is for their health, and vaping is the quickest way to remove several of the most dangerous elements of smoking without going cold turkey. While nicotine is still harmful and slowly tapering the amount of nicotine in your vape until you are only using flavors is the ideal quitting plan, just by switching over to nicotine ejuice and avoiding elements like tar which are present in a cigarette you reduce the impact your consumption can have on your short and long term health.

Vapes aren’t just healthier for you, either. The reason so many laws and regulations have been passed about smoking indoors is due to the high risk posed to others from your second-hand smoke. With vaping you reduce the negative effect you are having on those around you which is always an admirable goal.

They Taste Great

While cigarette manufacturers have made efforts to infuse flavors into their products, there is only so much effect you can have on the taste of smoking tobacco. With vape juice this is no longer a hindrance. There is a seemingly endless array of flavor options available for your vape, from traditional tobacco heavy flavors for smokers who enjoy the taste of their smokes to fruity or sweet options. No matter what flavor you want the next time you use your vape it’s likely that there is a vape juice out there waiting for you.

Ooh, That Smell

Another major drawback for long term cigarette smoking is the lasting impact it has on the way you and your possessions smell. Cigarette smoke has the ability to linger long after the cigarette has gone out. Whether that means showing up to a first date still smelling like your lunch break smoke or your home taking on that permanent smoker smell, this is a major inconvenience to say the lease. Because vapes produce water vapor as opposed to smoke, the smells they produce don’t last as long after you finish. Combine that with the delicious flavors meaning you are likely producing more pleasant aromas and you have a much more nose-friendly approach to satisfying your cravings.

Control Your Consumption

While there are many products which help you to moderate your nicotine intake, solutions like nicotine patches are not ideally suited for countering a strong wave of desire. When someone using the patch hits a period of intense desire for nicotine they often retreat into smoking a cigarette which can lead to giving up their quitting plan altogether. With a vape pen with nicotine in it you can set a plan of decreased use but still have the option to turn to an additional puff of the vape when you can’t fight the desire, preventing you from smoking a cigarette and falling off the wagon.

If you’ve been considering giving up smoking there has never been a better time than now and never been a better way than with the assistance of nicotine ejuice. No smoking solution satisfies so many of the same itches that a cigarette scratches while still removing so many of the drawbacks to a fresh pack.

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