Determine Why Learned General Surgeons Go With The All Basic Surgical Rules

Surgery or surgical treatment is basically an advanced branch and procedure of medical science. Apart from having great expertise in surgical methods, general physicians should possess sound knowledge about medicines and information relating to diet. In fact, general surgeons should have high degree of efficiency; in-depth knowledge and good experience in the area that help them treat their patients effectively and successfully. Very naturally, as the central part of their management process is surgery, the procedure needs correct evaluation as well as post operational healing.

Thus, veteran and skilled general surgeons like Dr. Mark Hochberg undergo surgical treatments only after complete assessment of the problematic issue in addition to a patient’s health condition before taking him or her on the operation table. Any kind of negligence at this stage or overlooking of essential preconditions may be fatal for a patient. As success during the surgical process is significant, it is also vital for a general surgeon to advice a patient about the required medications, don’t and don’ts and dietary which are closely related with the wellbeing of a patient.

Determine Why Learned General Surgeons Go With The All Basic Surgical Rules

The surgical as well as healthcare services of general surgeons like Dr. Mark Hochberg are demanding due to their great knowledge and extreme responsibility. To ensure complete wellbeing of a patient these general surgeons undergo six major steps:


Regardless of a patient is referred by a physician or not, a responsible general surgeon performs all necessary processes that he feels important for diagnosis of the problem and for analyzing current stage. For this, he may ask patients to undergo required lab tests and ensure about the situation;

Test Process Before Surgical Procedure

If a patient is having complications like high blood pressure or increased blood sugar level, these should be effectively administered backed by medication before arranging the surgical process;

Surgical Procedure

Typically, experienced general surgeons like Dr. Mark Hochberg operate body parts or organs such as abdominal cases, soft tissues, gallbladder, colon while more critical operations like bypass surgery, brain surgery are also performed by them. They should have expertise in the related surgical area or procedures. Other then very minor surgeries, all operations are performed in team. Expert general surgeons should be outfitted with competent anesthetists, other physicians (as per necessity), nurses and caregivers for successful completion of the procedure.

Post Surgical Procedure

Once the surgical process is over, surgeons instruct the junior doctors, nurses or caregivers about post surgical supervision and management; Whether the surgical area is inside or on the upper body part, it should be checked from outside to make sure that healing process is orderly. For many surgeries, patients need regular dressing or applying medication and management. These are commonly done by nurses as per suggestion of general surgeon or responsible doctor.


Before patients are released from the healthcare setting, a surgeon prescribes him/her necessary medications, dietary plans and advices his family members or patients on this subject;

Check ups

Post surgical checkup procedures are imperative. Responsible general surgeons make sure that the remedial course is in line. This is just like a loop and is effectively completed by learned general physicians like Dr. Mark Hochberg.

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