Finding the Best Way to Do Things

Best Way To Do Things

When doing something, is there a right way to do it?. For example, take as an example peeling an apple. Is there a right way or the wrong way where you would say, “That’s not the way to peel an apple.” What should the apple look like after you finished pealing it? If someone only handed you the core of the apple with its seeds after peeling it, is that okay? Maybe it might be okay for some people if they only wanted the core of the apple for planting seeds. On the other hand, if you wanted to eat the apple, but not the peels, would that pass as the right way to eat the apple?

Culturally or Personally

I would say that if you weren’t being paid to peel the apple as someone expected, I would say then peel it any way you want to since it will only matter to you. No one will care how you peel your apple. On the other hand, if there are certain rules set up in a factory that prepares fresh apples for sale and the customers prefer their apples with apple bits on it, rather than just the core, then I would side with follow the procedures and meet the expectations, else you may not have a job much longer. It is the same with so many things we do daily. We have grown up with things being done a certain way and when they are done a different way, we are not comfortable.

Thinking About Health

You probably never thought that there might be a better way to sleep by knowing the best side to sleep on. Sleeping a certain way can affect the health of your body. Of course, having the right mattress is one of the first things that you need. Then we find that there are certain positions that can cause problems. If you are a side sleeper, you can expect to feel some frequent shoulder, neck, and back pain. Side sleeping can also cause more facial wrinkles. If you sleep on your back, you might have worse snoring problems. Sleeping on the back is not recommended for people with sleep apnea problems. If you are a stomach sleeper, you might wake up with a strained spine and you might get pressure on the joints in the back and the neck.

There are also many arguments about the best things to eat to be healthy and strong. Some fully accept this and eat lots of veggies, others balk and continue with the Twinkies and potato chips.

Agree or Disagree

You might find that there are better ways to be a teacher. You might find that you could do better by how you talk to the students, making lessons more interesting, or being better prepared. There are always ways to improve.

You can always find the best ways to clean a house. There are just some techniques that can slow you down. Maybe a product you are using isn’t right and there is one that is better on the market. Reading up on some cleaning ideas can really make a difference in how much time it takes you to clean and the results of the job. It never hurts to find out better ways.

In business, you may want to find a mentor who could teach you how to better run your company. It might be someone who knows abetter way; it could be a person who has been there and done that—maybe many times over. It is good to get advice to help keep things running smoothly. Maybe you have questions about finding good employees and employee retention or need answers for the many payroll questions you have. Getting better ideas doesn’t mean we are not smart. It just means we haven’t experienced everything and maybe something that someone else has tried is worth a shot.

Make a Difference

There is a right way to do things, definitely a wrong way, and a way that is inconsequential to the way things are done. By following regulations, rules, ordinances, and just plain common sense, it can guide us to come to the best way to do things in our life. A thing doesn’t have to be done in just one way. A smartphone is still a phone but transformed to make the phone better for others by providing better and more efficient ways by all of the things it can do. This opens the door to making a thing better through creative imagination.

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