5 Types Of Electrical Connectors That Commonly Used

5 Types Of Electrical Connectors That Commonly Used

The electrical connectors are things that an element or device connected to a power supply. Many people use dozens of them every day and not even know it. Think computers, televisions, video games, etc. Although we contact with these electrical connectors all the time, it is rare that they are actually understood. For that reason, we came up with this list of the electrical connectors most commonly used. We hope that this better understanding of these underrated parts of our modern life.

5 Types Of Electrical Connectors That Commonly Used

1. D-sub miniature connectors: This type of connector is commonly used for RS-232 modems and IBM-compatible computers serial port. It is used for a wide variety of applications, including computers, telecommunications, test instruments, and measuring instruments. If ever you connected computer modem, then you know connector exactly what I’m talking about. It is the end of the cable in almost rectangular shape with two small screws in it. The cable itself tends to be thick.

2. USB connectors: I can hear you-yes! Something really know! The USB connector or ‘universal serial bus’ is probably the most common type of connector in our modern world. Things plugged in our computers with them. Things like cameras, MP3 players, wireless mice, and who knows what else. Soon you that there are two different major types of USB connectors knew. The “A” which is fixed to the peripheral, and the connector “B”, which is a four pin connector surrounded by a shield.

3. 8P8C connector: The abbreviation “8P8C ” is short for eight positions, eight conductors. It is modular connectors having eight positions, all of which contain drivers. The 8P8C connector most commonly seen or used is the Ethernet cable. An Ethernet cable is that thing that connects the home phone lines and is used to connect to the Internet in the era of dial up. These connectors are also commonly used as part of a ‘Cat 5’ cable. A Cat 5 cable is a twisted pair cable designed to carry signals. These are commonly seen computer networks.

4. Power connectors: These are the ones that protect people from accidental contact with an energised conductor. These often include a safety ground connector with the power conductor. What this actually refers to as an output. Outlets are also often referred to by the following names: socket, power point, plug socket, outlet, wall outlet, wall socket or plug.

5. RF connectors: Connectors used in radio frequencies should never change the impedance of the transmission line of which they are part. You cannot allow external signals in the circuit and prevent power drain circuit. This is a fairly complicated process, but these types of connectors are often used by Wi-Fi (wireless internet), radio equipment and testing equipment.

There are many other types of electrical connectors, but these are the most common. You have seen them all, and know that you can pat on the back; you know what is actually called. We hope you feel enlightened, because we were more than happy to impart some of our wisdom to you.

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