Oculus Rift, New Prototype Brings Out The Best In Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift, New Prototype Brings Out The Best In Virtual Reality

From last two years of virtual reality technology development speed is going very fast, and this in order to bring the virtual world to experience the product through wearing the device is developed by major manufacturers focus areas. As the field of virtual reality has been one of the most representative company Oculus recently launched code named Crescent Bay of Oculus Rift products. As a modified device, Crescent Bay is only recently was sent to the developer’s hands

I am very fortunate to experience the prototype of the first generation of Oculus Rift. Later, every Oculus product improvement is accompanied by tremendous progress, this time Crescent Bay is no exception.

First,even though the hardware is still in the prototype stage, but it is still surprising changes. This time Oculus gave upon the ski goggles strap of its forefathers in favor of a plastic chassis with nylon straps to snugly fixed in our heads (this design is some what similar with Samsung Gear VR). In addition, Crescent Bay also comes with a headset with the frame, so users no longer need the extra wear.The weight of the new generation of Crescent Bay is significantly larger than previous generations of products, and reduce the quality of the greatest benefit is improved wearing comfort, not to bring the slightest pressure on the neck. However,after prolonged wear, for the nose or will cause some pressure, but if we can significantly enhance the effect of this burden.

Oculus Rift, New Prototype Brings Out The Best In Virtual Reality

Unlike previous generations Oculus product demo videos, Crescent Bay is still in a very primitive stage of development, so I cannot control where I was going, but still I can control the direction what I want to see. Crescent Bay using cameras mounted on the wall to track movement, note ven on the desktop by means of a camera.This new combination allows the user tomoveabout1.5 meters square, of space in any direction. I tried to bend over, and then head down looking up posture, still can have a seamless experience, immersive experience is obvious.

But now Crescent Bay is not perfect. First, the screen around Crescent Bay still has a small window, I could see down through the gap between nose and crescent bay, and thus less a hint of immersive feeling; Secondly, when I left shaking the head or squat and then suddenly stop up,I noticed that there will be some bump case and screen shaking. These small flaws will make me a little out of the scene outside. But on the whole, Crescent Bay brings immersive experience is great, when I turn on the switch to squat in front of my car explosion, this feeling can definitely exciting to describe.

Headphone effect Crescent Bay and I expect the same satisfaction, but due to the limited volume and the environment too much noise, but also unable to bring even more shocking to enjoy the bass. Therefore, we hope that the future can add a sub-woofer to enhance the overall sound in the external sound.

Crescent Bay is around the outside of the helmet by micro-LED arrays to achieve the effect of motion tracking. Only the front of the helmet with the use of LED’s DK2versions, Crescent Bay has a rear panel with LED matrix band around the head support is connected, you can also track the movement through the cameras, so you can know when you Oculus fire in turn. In most cases, Crescent Bay motion tracking both fast and accurate. During the presentation, I had come to a dressing room, wearing a mask standing in front of the mirror and imitate my actions. No matter how fast I turn around, I’m wearing a mask has not noticed any delay action, motion tracking has always been able to keep my rhythm.

Crescent Bay can say that this time, let me experience the unprecedented immersive experience, so I really feel the virtual digital world charm, rather than as just prior to visual stimulation. Although the experience of time is very short, but Crescent Bay really left me a deep impression, this feeling makes me wanting more.

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