How the Tooth Fairy Movie Can Inspire Your Kids

tooth-fairy-bookIf you have ever felt like a constant memory of brushing and bathing properly and avoiding sugar snacks directly over your children’s heads, you might also be time to get help. In the Tooth Fairy movie, Derek Thompson (played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) learns exactly what it feels like to be a tooth fairy. Although this film offers entertainment for viewers of all ages, it can also be a fun way to make a conversation about healthy oral health instead of being busy.

To set the Stage

Try to design a movie and then check the child’s next tooth or remove the tooth for maximum effect. If you find that one night the tooth fairy will come to your house, it will make it more memorable for you. Watch the Tooth Fairy movie as a family night complete with these tips according first tooth fairy book online

Get dressed. Do your kids want to decorate like tooth fairies, teeth, their favorite healthy food or plaque-causing germs, the more they participate in watching pictures, the more they want to participate in discussions. Clothing does not have to be just for additional children. Wear costumes and participate in the Spirit.

Offer healthy snacks. Trying to talk about caring for your teeth after a night eating popcorn, candy and ice cream might not be well received. Continue the theme of healthy laughter with snacks such as fresh fruits, raw vegetables and string cheese? Learn more about healthy eating options at the Colgate Oral Care facility.

The discussion will begin to allow the discussion to continue after the photo, or during the photo, if the opportunity arises slowly, consider using some of these tips to make your children make a connection between photos and their dental health:

“What do you think Derek makes his teeth so white?” Dwayne Johnson burst out laughing in Hollywood, and it’s a great way to ask kids how to keep their teeth healthy, to talk about good brushing and flossing habits. The importance of seeing a dentist regularly.

“Do you see good food for your teeth? What about unhealthy foods?” Although the film may not talk directly about the importance of eating habits in maintaining healthy teeth, you can still start a conversation about the different types of food served in the film and whether it is a good choice.

It is important to remember that the purpose of this discussion is to make your children understand how to care for your teeth and take responsibility for oral health. Don’t get involved in delivering a message; instead, let your child lead the conversation so you can make suggestions and focus on certain things along the way.

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