Making Learning Fun

Learning is an ongoing process. For a child, the learning process starts at home itself. The child learns a few basics and fundamentals before he or she gets ready to attend a preschool, primarily by observing the parents and other family members. It is at a preschool that a strong foundation for the kid’s future education is laid. They develop motor and cognitive skills and important social skills that prepare them for regular school.

New Age Kids; Modern Methods of Teaching 

Each child has his or her own learning style and tends to respond better to teaching methods that suits his/ her preferences. It is believed that audio-visual aids enhance the learning experience. However, it is not uncommon to find some children respond better to auditory methods like speaking and listening while there may be others who warm up better to visual aids or those who would rather learn through practical demonstrations. Often, a combination of all the above methods needs to be used to make the learning process more interactive and interesting for the kids. This also ensures that lessons leave a lasting impression on the child’s mind. A child will learn from each of these teaching styles and requires the teachers and parents to strike the right balance between all the methods.

Putting Contemporary Techniques in Practice

Since employing modern teaching methods has become extremely important in order to provide a wholesome education experience to kids, it is always a good idea to research on the classroom infrastructure of a preschool before enrolling your child. For instance, Beehive, a chain of preschools owned by Garodia Education has is known for its interactive teaching methods. The curriculum is well crafted and developed specifically for kids. The students are taught in an environment that is conducive to growth and aids in their overall development. Teachers use a variety of teaching methods to make learning fun and interactive for the child. Furthermore, Beehive lays equal emphasis on play time and gives the kids access to a variety of toys, games and play material that keeps them mentally engaged, thereby helping their development.

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