8 Major Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Beard Transplantation

Beards show signs of maturity and provide strong masculinity tones even before words are uttered. Hence, it comes with no surprise to hear people say they would like to have a beard transplant. Beard Transplant is a popular culture among men who understands how things work. For people of a certain culture, beard approves their masculinity; that is why they groom their beards like babies. Beyond that, do you know that mustache transplantation is also possible? Of course! Here are 8 major facts that you probably didn’t know about beard transplants, here they are.

Beard Transplant is popular: 

More people are getting involved in beard transplantations. Yeah, including people in Arabic countries. It may shock you to see someone you knew some months ago who has almost no beards, now has facial hair! Hair transplantation is real and rampant. Between 2015 and 2016, about 52% of increment was globally noticed in the trend of candidates who seek hair transplant.

Transplanted hair falls out quickly: 

Yeah, you read right. Transplanted hair strands fall out within three weeks of the operation. However, new facial hair will blossom again, fully.

Results happen within 6 and 18 months:

Signs of full beard growth are noticeable, 6 months after the operation and can span up to 18 months.

Hairs planted on the face can be taken from the back of the head: 

The most popular method of hair transplant is the FUE method. The micro FUE method of transplant where hair grafts are taken from the back of the head and planted in the recipient areas. The hairs to be transplanted are taken from the back of the head, on the axis between both ears, because the area is fertile and can’t be considered to go bald.

Up to 4000 thousand strands of hair can be transplanted on a person’s face: 

Yeah, the number is that high! The number of hairs possible to be transplanted goes from around 500 strands to 4000, depending on the preference of the candidate. What is more shocking is that each hair strand has to be individually engrafted to the face.

There are four major stages involved:

The stages involved in a beard transplant start from consultation and moves to the operation, to cleaning and PRP, and then recovery.

More people are getting popular for the trend:

Rudy Ionides is one of the popular Canadians that did hair transplant. Michael Dolan, a personal fitness trainer also became popular for having a beard transplant to look like his role model, David Beckham.

It is more popular in the Middle-East: 

Owing to how masculinity is tied to beards, more people in the Middle-East, up to 500% are opting for the beard transplant.

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