The Benefits Of Phablets Like The Samsung Galaxy S5

Cell phone technology is changing so quickly that it seems like you just get the latest and greatest new model in your hands and then it is obsolete. The new phones are also getting bigger, which usually means they are packed with more functions. Some cell phones are capable of doing the same things as a tablet PC, giving them the nickname phablets.

What is a Phablet?

A phablet is the hybrid of a smartphone and a tablet PC. They are normally larger than a smartphone, having a display that is about 5″ to 6″ in size. This allows you to have the convenience of a cell phone, but it also has some of the same functionality of a tablet.

The Benefits of a Phablet

The most important feature of a phablet is its larger screen size. It allows you to do different tasks than you can do with your smartphone. Here are some of the things you can do with a Phablet, such as the Samsung Galaxy s5.

Play Multimedia Files

If you like to watch TV shows or movies on the go, a phablet is a much better option than your smartphone. All of the popular phablets have a 1080p screen, which means you can watch high-definition content on your device. Music files will also play exceptionally well on your phablet.

Work with Documents

It can be difficult to see a document well enough on a smartphone to do anything with it. Fortunately, the larger screen size of a phablet allows you to edit documents using programs like Microsoft Office and get them ready before you get to the office in the morning. Many phablets come with styluses, which allow you to write notes and edit images, as well as edit text, on your phablet.

Gaming on the Go

If you are stuck on the bus during your commute to work, you can always turn to your phablet for entertainment. Pick out a favourite game and have fun so you can distract yourself from being stuck in traffic. The larger screen size on the phablet will make your mobile games look entirely different and they will be easier to play.

The Cost of a Phablet

With its increased functionality and size, a phablet is going to cost more than a high-end smartphone. However, for people who are always working, the cost difference can be nominal compared to how much they can get done on their devices. A major advantage to a phablet is that you don’t have to carry two separate devices with you. Instead of a phone and a tablet, you just need to take your phablet with you.

While some people are not thrilled with the bulkier size of a phablet, they do enjoy being able to get more done away from the office. They also enjoy the better video playback and even the mobile games they don’t want anyone to know they play. A phablet is a good choice for busy professionals who want to be productive wherever they go.

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