Why Should You Extend Salesforce To Your Community and How Do You Go About It?

If you are enjoying the many benefits of Salesforce and your customers, suppliers, external channel partners, brokers, agents, and other partners cannot afford the CRM or do not have it for any other reason, consider extending the same to them. Salesforce, through Community Cloud, enables you to share information with your customers, employees, and partners.

Why should you extend Salesforce?

  1. As stated earlier, not all your partners may be in a position to get Salesforce. Extending it to them allows them to benefit from Salesforce and if they are successful, you will also be successful. Your community will be able to serve customers more effectively, it will close deals faster, and work can be done in real time.
  1. Customers will be able to find information they need easily on a searchable knowledge base. The reduced service cases means your team can concentrate on product development. The self-service leads to greater customer satisfaction.

 You can reward passionate customers who help other customers. These customers will be your evangelists and they will give your business and brand a human face. This also improves customer loyalty.

  1. Extending Salesforce to your employees empowers them to collaborate and connect. This leads to better results at the workplace. Employees are able to do everything from IT troubleshooting to checking their pay slips.
  1. You can use the Community Cloud to offer training and certification courses to ensure your partners are in line with your business needs.

How to Extend Salesforce to your Community

You use Community Cloud to extend Salesforce to your community. This is an online social platform that allows for interaction between customers, employees, and partners. Your community will be able to share files and data.

The Community Cloud is a next-generation portal that combines Chatter’sreal-time collaboration data and file sharing.This can be done from anywhere over the Internet, including on mobile devices.

Community Cloud uses the Salesforce1 platform. You can connect any data or third party system directly into your community. You can also create multiple communities if you intend to keep, as an example, your suppliers and your brokers separated.

The Salesforce1 platform is very secure. You will get real-time information on system security and performance and you will get tips on the security practices you should adopt.

You can get an out-of-the-box solution to get your Community Cloud started from a Salesforce community and template builder. A good company will give you a mobile-optimized (responsive), customizable solution that incorporates 3rd party components.

Partners who already have partner or customer portals are automatically Community Cloud customers. All they need to do is migrate to your portal to get into your community. Migration is very easy.

The price of Community Cloud is based on the type of community you have built, with Employee, Customer, and Partner communities starting with a base price. Costing is also based on the number of users you have.

Invest in Salesforce github and Community Cloud today to ensure your customers, partners, and employees are in line with your vision and mission.

Author Bio:

Bill Williams has years of experience in Salesforce templates development. He will help you create a customized, branded, mobile-optimized community. You can change the template at will, with no coding required. For more information about Salesforce github, visit this website.

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