Exploring The Top Hawaii Islands

From dramatic mountain views to legendary sea-shores and traditional attractions to vibrant nightlife spots, Hawaii State contains timeless beauty that attracts a number of tourists all over the world. Fresh air, beautiful waves of warm and tranquil water, stunning natural beauty and tropical climate throughout the year, Hawaii Island is really a matchless world existing in the United States. Visiting Hawaii State, you would find yourself falling in love with this friendly and welcoming paradise offering you the great hospitality, cultural and historical secrets. This archipelago consists of six major islands, most of them are atolls, spreading around 2400 kilometres. From Kure Atoll in north to Island of Hawaii in south, each of these Island offers a unique experience enough to entice any traveller. Below is a review of the top islands of Hawaii.

Hawaii’s Big Island

Hawaii’s Big Island comprising more than 60 % of Hawaii Island’s land area, it is the largest and youngest island of Hawaii state. From profuse rain forest to volcanic desert and snow covered mountains to lucrative beaches, the island is a home to unrivalled natural wonders.

The Mauna Kea

The Mauna Kea, world’s tallest mountain, and Volcanoes National Park, the largest park of Hawaii Island, are the major attractions of this island. Maui Island Whether you wish to discover the art and culture of Hawaii Island or spend your leisure time at heavenly beaches, Maui Island promises everything you could expect on your vacation. Due to various fun-filled recreational activities, scenic natural wonders, golf championships and sea side experience, this island is considered among the best vacation Islands in the USA.

Lanai Island

If you are looking for a honeymoon vacation destination, this island scores the top with untouched tranquillity away from every day’s hustle and crowd. The charming city of Lanai hosts excellent resorts, hotels, high-calibre golf courses and attractive shopping destinations. The Island has earned the title of ‘Most Enticing Island of Hawaii’ offering the peaceful sitting in shade of nature as well as enthralling sights like Keahiakawelo and Puu Pehe.

Molokai Island

It would be wonderful to visit an Island where no building is taller than a coconut tree. This lovely island reflects the real Hawaiian lifestyle with its unspoiled coastlines, serene seascapes and unmatched wildlife. You could visit Maunaloa to increase your knowledge for Hawaiian culture, the Halawa Valley to explore the natural wonders or the Molokai to enjoy outdoor adventure whiles your vacation at this island.

Kauai Island

Kauai Island Known as “Garden Isle”, the Island is a beautiful place to enjoy holiday vacations offering excellent coastal beauty, intense forests and numerous historical places to visit. The island is fourth largest island of Hawaii state and well known for heavenly beaches and shopping centres.

Oahu Island

The place is one of the finest tourist destinations of the United States being a home to the world famous Waikiki beach and a lot of other attractions like Nuuanu Pali Lookout Mountain and Honolulu city where fun and enjoyment is offered without any condition. The island is called the Heart of Hawaii.

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