Seasif Holding Diversifies Into Multiple Markets With Tremendous Success

Today, Seasif Holding is one of the largest multinational companies leading several markets in the UAE. They started out as a petroleum supplier based in the UAE in 1992, and today has diversified into markets as different as infrastructure, investments, insurance and technology. Under the leadership of its CEO, Franco Favilla, the conglomerate has managed to maintain the same quality and visionary execution across its entire portfolio.


The conglomerate started as a petroleum company in 1992 that explored the opportunities that were provided by the rapidly growing oil and gas industry today. Petroleum is still the company’s stronghold, even as they have grown into multiple other industries.

The Petroleum division has complete vertical integration and is involved the whole process from exploring to distributing finished petroleum products to the hands of customers.

This is an incredible feat as few other companies have been able to dominate the petroleum market across all levels. The process used by the company and the products sold are all standard bearers and watched keenly by the industry as a whole.

Real Estate and Development

Seasif’s involvement in real estate as well as infrastructure is a shining example of how their leadership and management have used knowledge gained from its primary company in a completely different domain. Not only does the group develop property, it is also involved in housing solutions, real estate finance and property management.

This is another area where the company has managed complete vertical integration. They take care of every aspect of development including procuring raw materials such as cement, studying the feasibility of a particular project, planning and managing the project and its associated facilities and finally constructing the infrastructure from top to bottom.


CEO Franco Favilla realized early the in order to manage the finances of such a large portfolio of companies, and it would have to create its own financial holdings. The result of this vision is that Seasif provides all kinds of financial services including real estate capital, asset management, underwriting insurance. Not only do they use these services extensively, they also offer them to other companies throughout the world. This is how they have managed to grow to such heights since their humble beginnings in 1992.


The conglomerate has invested in numerous promising projects that will aid the development of various regions around the world. One of their most prominent investments is a new hydropower project in Albania. The project started in September 2014 and the company hopes it will help the country achieve more energy independence.

Yet another example of their strategic and visionary investments is their venture into the cement business in Albania. With an annual capacity of 1.6 metric tons, they have not only managed to become largely self-sufficient, but have also enabled other companies in various industries to reach their potential through strategic partnerships. With such a huge portfolio and their consistently excellent results, Seasif today is one of the most reliable and forward looking companies based in the UAE. Unsurprisingly, they have plans to expand their reach to other countries and multiple new markets as well.

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