Franco Favilla – A Visionary and Most Accomplished Industrialist

Seasif Holding is one of the most important petroleum companies in the world today. Not only that, it has diversified into such ambitious ventures as real estate, insurance and investments as well. It has reached heights that few others have been able to, all owing to the charismatic leadership and innovative management of its CEO and founder Franco Favilla.

He was born in Milan and raised in New York. He arrived in the UAE in 1992 and set up Seasif Holding with a mission to become the highest quality petroleum companies in the world. He took every opportunity available to him, in order to build one of the largest and most diversified portfolios of companies in the country.

Under the leadership of Mr. Favilla, Seasif Holding has become involved in every aspect of petroleum from acquiring petroleum of the highest quality, refining it and distributing it worldwide. Very few companies have such complete mastery over all processes involved in petroleum as Seasif does under its dynamic CEO.

Collaborative Work to Achieve a Single Vision

In order to produce the excellent and industry leading results that the company does, Mr. Favilla works with hundreds of other companies and contractors throughout the world. This in itself is a humongous task that may require another company of its own. However, his collaborative management has brought together numerous different entities in order to achieve his unified vision.

Franco Favilla CEO Seasif has managed to avoid complicated management structures that would otherwise be required to achieve such integrated results. He has developed excellent business and leadership skills that have steered Seasif Holding towards becoming a major player in the insurance and infrastructure sectors.

One of his most enduring qualities as a CEO is his expertise in turning ideas and disparate processes into a cohesive industry. Although exploration, mining, refining and distributing petroleum and derivative products are very different areas of business, he has managed to achieve tremendous integration between the two.

This is also the quality that has resulted in successful business ventures in domains as diversified as finance and infrastructure building. Seasif Holding is one of the foremost real estate developers in the UAE today and is responsible for some of the most ambitious towers and other structures visible in the country today.

A Man with a Vision

Not only does Mr. Favilla have a clear vision of what he wants to achieve with Seasif, but he has also devised the means to achieve them. That he has gotten thousands of employees and his management to realize this vision is testament to his charisma and will to get results.

As part of his growing vision, he also sponsored multiple events that are geared towards the development of the company and the industry as a whole. He has also donated considerable amounts of time and money towards cancer patients. He funds research towards the prevention and cure of cancer through multiple institutions. In Franco Favilla, Seasif Holding has one of the most forward looking and progressive leaders in the world today.

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