5 Things That Will Make Your Party One To Remember

The date has been set, the guests have been invited and now you have the responsibility of throwing the best party ever. We’ve all been to a great party or two. We’ve also all been to bad ones. So how can you ensure that your party is one to be remembered for all the right reasons? Well, some great entertainment is a good place to start, along with a theme and some fun activities for your guests. So before you start to panic, take a look at our list of five things to make your party the event of the year!

Some great tunes

DJ’s are great for getting everyone up and dancing! Having someone else take care of the music leaves you with more time to enjoy the party – just give them a few suggestions of what kind of songs you would like and they’ll take care of the rest. Some even bring fun things like disco balls, smoke machines and light up dance floors with them. You’ll be grooving all night!

Fun and games

Party games are a great way of getting everyone to loosen up and start enjoying themselves. Whether you choose some that are suitable for children or go for the more adult drinking games, getting people to compete and play along with each other is a sure-fire way to get everyone laughing and in the mood for fun!

Seasonal fun

If your party falls on a certain holiday, why not incorporate that into your party theme? Seasonal decorations and food are a great way of creating a fun atmosphere – and kids and adults alike will be able to join in! Whether it’s an Easter egg hunt, a spooky Halloween bash or a Christmas party to remember, looking to the calendar is a great way to inspire the mood of your party.

Dressed up to the nines

Fancy dress parties are always a hit. Why? They allow everyone else to adopt a different persona for the night, letting them unleash their wild side and have more fun than they would in their normal every day clothes! Whether you go for a theme or let your guests decide, it’s so much fun watching people turn up in their costumes – if you can recognise them that is!

Some snaps to remember

If your guests are dressed to impress, why not invest in a photo booth for the evening to capture them in all their finery? You can say goodbye to blurry photographs or badly taken selfies when you have photographs that are of a high quality finish to remember your party by. Some photo booths even come with dressing up materials, so you can be as tame or outlandish as you like!

It’s time to party!

As the date for your big party draws nearer, you should now feel a little more certain of how to make it a good one! When the drinks are flowing and the music is playing, take some time to enjoy yourself – you’ve put all the effort in after all! When you look through all of the pictures afterwards and see how much fun everyone had, you can rest assured that your party was one of the greats. Now, where’s our invite?

Dan Lloyd is the Founder of VIP Booth, a Photo Booth hire service for weddings, corporate events and parties. Based in Chelmsford, Essex, Dan has a passion for parties and has made his fun photo booths available to people throughout Essex, Kent, London, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Sussex and Norfolk

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