Being Prepared – Handling An Automobile Crash

Being Prepared – Handling An Automobile Crash

No one likes to think about the unthinkable. But becoming involved in an automobile crash, especially with injuries, can be a life-altering experience. If you take a few moments to consider what to do if that happens, it will be time well spent.

The Stress Factor

Now, dwelling on all the possible circumstances that potentially lead to an auto accident is not the emphasis here, nor is anticipating every result. Of course, driving defensively, driving at or below the speed limit, not tailgating, all the proper practices of safe driving are critically important. But being rear-ended while stopped at a red light can still be a dangerous and frightening experience.

When an accident occurs, the stress levels of those involved will skyrocket. And an automobile crash with accident injuries will put the human body into overdrive. Dealing with these situations will make a huge difference in the ultimate outcomes. So, taking a page from the Boy Scouts, you should “Be Prepared.”

Initial Preparation

Let’s think about the unthinkable. Where to start?

The first question is: What should I do after an accident? Do some research on the topic, write the answers down and put them in convenient places like a purse, a wallet, and the car’s glove box. Now, there’s a reminder outlining what to do even if the situation causes the utmost stress.

Second, get a list of important phone numbers and contacts: physicians; the insurance company; work and school numbers for spouses and children; a neighbor that can be counted on for help; an attorney. Put that list with the other one in a purse, wallet and car glove box.

Third, talk to someone with the (unfortunate) experience of dealing with an accident. Ask what was learned, what might be done differently as a result, and what it now means to be prepared.

One Caution

There is, of course, no reason you cannot keep all these details on a cell phone. Just remember if this important information is needed quickly and cannot be accessed by someone because of password protection, it’s of little to no use.

No one wants to think about experiencing an automobile crash, and all the challenges that come after. But taking a few moments to think about it before it happens could make a real difference in handling those events.

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