Getting The Lowest UK Prices On Steel Beams and RSJs

As those in the building trade will know, it’s not until you get up and running with any construction project that you begin to realise just how expensive it can be. It’s not as if anyone would ever enter a large scale construction job thinking it was going to be cheap, but the actual expenses that stack up day after day rarely fail to take those involved by surprise.

Still, the good news is that in this day and age there are more suppliers, manufacturers and retailers accessible to the British construction sector than ever before. And as everyone knows, increased competition more often than not breeds not only higher standards, but lower prices as a welcome bonus.  According to the experts at, it is indeed something that has impacted (in a positive sense) the quality and affordability of the structural steel components and supplies currently available on the UK market, which have on the whole never been better.

Nevertheless, there always has been and always will be such a thing as overpaying – just as there is such a thing as getting the very best value for money every time. So with this in mind, what follows is a brief introductory guide to getting the lowest possible prices for all steel beams and RSJs picked up in the UK for any construction job:

1 – Shop Online

So right off the bat comes perhaps the most obvious rule of all when it comes to getting the best deals in the 21st century – focus your efforts online. The simple fact of the matter here is that running a business online and indeed selling products online always has been and always will be inherently cheaper than running a conventional business. As such, there are huge savings that can be passed on to the buyer with no strings attached which in turn results in a better deal for the same product purchased. Not only this, but to buy online gives the buyer access to an extraordinary variety of suppliers and manufacturers up and down the United Kingdom meaning greater choice of products and the guarantee of finding exactly the products required for the very best price. The long and short of it being that it is almost impossible to shop online and not get a better deal.

2 – Buy Direct

Perhaps the second most important tip of all is that of ensuring that all structural steel supplies across the board are purchased directly from the manufacturers or the relevant wholesalers. The reason being that while it is indeed possible to get a good deal online from a third-party reseller, any products picked up from third-parties will naturally be priced at least a little higher as this is the cash which goes into their own pockets. After all, re-sellers and third-parties aren’t in the habit of doing what they do free of charge, which means that more often than not you will end up paying more for the same products. And of course, there are so many other benefits that come with buying direct – everything from faster fulfilment to better customer service and product consistency.

3 – Seek Guarantees

There is of course one extremely obvious and indeed important check to make when it comes to ensuring you get the best possible prices – does the seller you are looking to buy from offer any kinds of guarantees? Of course perhaps the most important guarantee of all is that of quality – not all steel beams and RSJs are cut from the same cloth. But at the same time, you really need to make sure there is some kind of price promise in place which basically says that if you get a better deal elsewhere on the same products, the difference will be refunded.  This is the kind of guarantee that comes as standard with any leading manufacturer or retailer – those confident they are offering the best deals see no harm in guaranteeing as such.

4 – Bulk Buys/Repeat Orders

Last but not least, one of the benefits of working directly with a leading manufacturer or wholesaler is the way in which it may enable you to access even better deals and prices by buying in bulk or on a repeat basis. It’s simply a case of bringing as much business as possible to one specific and reputable provider, which more often than not results in preferential rates and deals being offered.  It’s all well and good to shop around for the lowest prices each and every time you have a new order to place, but at the same time you will usually rule yourself and your business out of these attractive deals and offers.

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