How To Succeed In College When You Have Learning Issues

According to statistics, about 17% of college students have learning issues. This statistic is important to keep in mind, because if you yourself are having learning issues, it is critical to know that you are not alone. Indeed, not only are you not alone – there are also a few key ways to get through college and succeed despite any learning disabilities you may have. What you need to realize is that a learning issue can be like a hurdle to jump over. With the proper preparation, training and commitment you can climb that hurdle and succeed in college. Here are some ways to succeed in college when you have learning issues.

Notify Your Professors

You may be embarrassed to let your professor know about your learning issues, but it may also help you get through a course without failing all your assignments. Once a professor knows that you are having learning issues, they can work with you to accommodate your needs. You won’t necessarily get treated differently, but you may be tested differently. For instance, you may not have timed tests. For some students with learning issues, getting timed can be incredibly stressful.

Find a Tutor That Can Help

As soon as you notice that you are having issues with a class, you want to hire a tutor to help. If you don’t have the money for a tutor, you may want to ask a friend or classmate for help. It is important to get this extra help, because you may need someone to explain to you some different concepts. Also, working with someone else when it comes to studying for exams will help you retain more information and it will help you boost test scores. Even if you are getting your masters in teaching, your learning issues could hamper how well you study independently.

Recognize When You are Having Learning Issues

If you are in denial about your learning issues, you are only digging yourself further and further into the hole. It is critical that you recognize what type of issues may be affecting you because this is the only way that you will overcome this added challenge. If you are slipping behind in courses, if you are having trouble with the reading material or if you are finding yourself getting distracted in class, there is a good chance that you are having learning issues.

Do Your Best to Stay Organized

If you do have some learning issues, staying organized will be a top priority. If you don’t stay organized, your issues may actually get worse. Moreover, you may start to lose interest in various subjects. For instance, if your dorm room or apartment is a mess, you want to spend an afternoon cleaning up and making sure everything is tidy and in order. Ideally, you want to create a clean, organized environment to study in with as few distractions as possible.

Get Plenty of Rest

On top of everything, you want to do your best to get plenty of rest and sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, your learning issues will undoubtedly get worse. Sleep is like a great reset button. In the end, you want to organize your life around eight good hours of sleep each night.

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