Find A PG In 5 Minutes Using

Paying guest accommodations and hostels are the most economical forms of accommodations that can be sought in a city where one goes to work or study. In fact, this is a good form of alternative business that has spawned in all major cities. Many property owners have developed extra rooms or portions of homes which are let out to tenants. realizes the need to find a good accommodation that suits both the budget and the lifestyle of an end user. As a result, it has introduced an entirely new segment for searching PG accommodations and hostels. This section allows end users to find both kinds of accommodations with immense convenience. The portal utilizes the name techniques it uses when searching for houses over here as well. One can choose PG and hostels according to one’s own requirements. Let us assume that an end user is looking for single/sharing PG in Bangalore.

5 Minutes is All it Takes

When one logs into the portal, the main page has the prime service options listed on the top. These options appear on top of small photographs. One has to click on ‘PG & Hostels’ to initiate the search. This leads to the search page. Here there is a search bar that requires an end user to type the name of the locality where the PG is to be searched.

Find A PG In 5 Minutes Using

Assume you are an end user who is moving to Bangalore, but do not have any idea about which areas to seek the accommodation in. The first preference-in which case-would be the area where you would be working/studying. To find out more, you can use the DSL map feature which gives you a fair idea about the prevailing rental prices in different parts of the city. Your requirements and the insights from the DSL maps therefore help in making the choice of the locality. This time however is not taken into account while searching for PG in Bangalore.

Once a decision is made about the locality, one has to type the name and choose the suggested option. Then the first filter option comes up- requiring the end user to choose between PG for boys or girls. The second filter requires filling in the rental cost option.. Assume that the area being searched is ‘Whitefield’. The map of Whitefield comes up with markers of PG accommodations for both genders. Now one can choose for single or sharing rooms, along with facilities available in that PG. These can all be selected from the list of filters that are present above the map.

One has to click on the button and put a checkmark against all the facilities including food preference (veg/non veg), facilities (laundry, bedding, wifi, AC etc.) and list only those accommodations which comprise of the amenities of one’s choice.

Selecting the Accommodation

The specifications of an accommodation not only highlight the features and facilities, but also show original photographs of the insides. One can also find the distance of amenities like grocery shops, restaurants, movie theatres, parks, banks etc. and choose an accommodation.  Any questions that one might have can directly be addressed to the owner of that PG in Bangalore. The whole process does not take more than 5 minutes.

In Conclusion has created the search features for PG accommodations in the same manner as its other search categories.

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