Tips To Hire The Candidates Rejected In The Past

Tips To Hire The Candidates Rejected In The Past

When any company thinks of recruitment, then they faint worrying the process. Not only that also the quality of the candidate and matching their salary is a nightmare. But, there is a catch, and that is what will be brought to light in this post. Is it wrong to call a candidate for an interview again that has got rejected in the past? Will they even pick your call? Would they be interested in attending a meeting with your company? Most of you will have similar questions lined up in your mind and much more. However, you must understand one thing that employees who left a company join again. This means it is a positive sign that candidates can be called for an interview back and that causes no harm to both the company and the candidate.

Follow the Tips Given Below To Keep the Option Open to Call the Rejected Candidates Again For Interview

 When you know that you have a technical skill requirement, then you will shortlist candidate and call for an interview. You will arrange for online assessment and move forward to different stages based on your company policy to hire them. You need to tweak the process here by keeping the talent pool open in the market.

Maintain records of the candidate from the stage of shortlisting candidates. They might have got rejected at different stages – few in resume screening stage and others in the interview process. When you maintain records, then you can reconsider them following the tips mentioned under.

Resume Rejection

 If you rejected looking at the resume last time, then you can call them on the phone to understand what they know. You may be surprised that most of the time resume might not be presented well, but the candidate will exceed expectation. So you can feel good to call them for the interview.

Interview Reject

 The candidate who got rejected last time in an interview after clearing the test can be called again. The test results will show their skills and this time the candidate may suit for this project team. Also, the interview rejects sometimes may happen to be biased as the particular project manager might not have required the candidate at that time. The same manager or the different manager may need the resource this time. So you must give it a try.

Salary Rejection

 Someone who genuinely asked for a salary after clearing all rounds last time. Your company did not offer at that time due to budget constraint can now be called. Only if you think your budget is better this time, then this idea will work. Otherwise, do not waste time.

Therefore, for all these things to happen, you need to maintain records of the interview occurred. You must stay in touch with rejected candidates in a friendly tone. You must have given feedback on time to candidates last time so that they will respect your call this time. Also, you can stay connected through social media as always a technical resource is an asset.

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