Benefits of Structured and Energized Water

Water is important for our well being, health and daily life. It is not only useful for quenching thirst, but water could also help us remove body waste and improve the detoxification process. We should be aware that 70 percent of our body is made up of water and 90 percent of our body is consisted of “wet cells” with high water content, including brain cells, muscle cells, red blood cells and others. However, not all water is the same. There’s structured and unstructured water. At its basic form, water is consisted of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom; or H2O. Water that has higher healing properties is the one with 6 H2) molecules that are bonded together as a cluster.

Fresh, drinkable water is still available in some areas in the nature; especially in sources near the mountains and far from human settlements. Water is an excellent dissolver and it easily carries many kinds of chemicals, minerals and nutrients. For this purpose, water is able to easily remove any trace of toxic waste from our body cell. Bad chemicals are disposed through urine and sweat; keeping our body well and healthy. Unstructured water can be obtained from many places, such as wells, springs, waterfalls and mountain streams. However, there are only a few places that produce water with hexagonal structure, such as Niagara Falls, Lourdes in France, Zam Zam well in Mecca and others.

That’s the reason why many places are considered to have healing spring water. Unfortunately, water that reaches our taps is processed through reservoirs, filtration mechanism, chlorination tanks and others. We also shouldn’t forget miles of pipelines that connect the water processing plant and our home. Along the way, the water picks up chemicals, toxic pollutants and so many microorganisms. These things can harm our health. In processed water, H2O molecules are broken up in disordered fashion. It means that the water is less capable in penetrating cells in our body making the release of waste and toxins less efficient. If we drink this kind of water all the time, our immune system can be slowly weakened and we are more vulnerable to various diseases.

This may sound like a pseudo science, but water is not a simple molecule and it does have various structures and unique behaviours. The water can be energized by external sources. As an example, a glass of water that has been exposed to sunlight for a period of time will have an energized state. Water with hexagonal structure is known to produce unique taste when used for cooking. When used for washing the clothes; the amount of detergent can be reduced and the clothes tend to be softer. Energized water can be stored in a bottle. People who drink it regularly will have a feeling of improved rejuvenation. People who have chronic diseases have reported reduced pain, suffering and negative symptoms after drinking structured and energized water. There are devices that can help to reform the structure of our drinking water and it could be a worthwhile investment.

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