All About Earwigs – How Do They Look? Top Earwig Control Facts You Didn’t Know Yet!

All About Earwigs - How Do They Look? Top Earwig Control Facts You Didn’t Know Yet!

While you might already have heard a lot about earwigs, you may not know more about them. Well, this article will help you know every possible thing about them, right from their appearance, things that attract them, and preventive measures to get away from them. So, be ready to explore more about these creepy insects!

Few important earwigs about Earwigs you didn’t know

Basically, Earwigs have medium size and flat bodies. They are normally brown or black in color. While some have reddish coloring on limbs and head, some even have stripes. They look off having forceps or pincers that protrude from abdomen. Most of the adults have size from 5 to 25 mm depending on their species. They have generally wings but rarely fly.

You will be amazed to know that there are over 20 species of earwigs. Some of them even generate liquid that smells really foul for defense purpose. Earwigs happen to frighten people due to pincers on their abdomen’s back. They use them for the defense purpose as well as for sparing with the rival earwigs.

Just like any other insect having multiple species, their habits and biology vary. Most kinds of the earwigs prefer wet areas that are undisturbed and cooler. Well, they can indeed be serious garden pest in case the conditions are right. If there is sufficient ground cover, food, and wet soil, they can do well.

What things attract Earwigs?

During daytime, earwigs hide under rocks, organic debris, bark, or just stow away in the dark and damp places. However, in conditions like drought, they seek dark and damp shelters in your home.

In indoors, earwigs might be attracted to the materials offering source of cellulose that are in decaying process. In case you have many old boxes, papers, and books just lying in dark and cool basement, you might be on the verge of welcoming earwigs. They might even seek food source in the kitchen and are usually attracted to greasy, sweet, or oily foods.

The first step you need to take if you find them in your place is to call Barrier, which is one of the most reliable pest control services. They have right equipment and products to control them effectively.

How to make your house less attractive to the earwigs?

  • Set up proper dehumidifiers in the damp areas of your house.
  • Clean out all the rain gutters and ensure that they are located properly to carry the water away from your home.
  • If you have any leaky plumbing or faucets, make sure to get it fixed by professionals.
  • Prevent using stones that can offer earwigs a hiding place to decorate your yard.
  • Never leave the pet water or food outside at night.
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Wipe up any spills from stovetops and counters

Earwigs can become a great issue when they start moving inside your home. So, make sure to take preventive measures as listed above and don’t forget to take professional assistance of pest control specialist to get rid of them completely.

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