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Ruby on Rails

The success of any programming language mostly depends on its usability, functionality, flexibility, and adaptability. Along with this, there is one more thing that makes the platform successful and that is a wide community of programming experts, who are the supporter of that coding language. The same concept fits well with a web application development framework that is “Ruby On Rails” or “Rails”.

Ruby On Rails: An Abridgment

ROR (Ruby On Rails or Rails) is an open source web app development platform. It features model-view-controller based architecture that comes with a brilliantly integrated database, web page, and web service. This platform uses JSON and XML format to transfer data in between clients and server. Besides these amazing features, this programming language supports different coding paradigms, like don’t repeat yourself (DRY), Convention Over Configuration (COC), and others.

Potential Of Ruby On Rails

ROR has made extremely easier for the developers to build the advanced web applications. It features every imperative function and feature that today’s platform should possess. At present, many renowned brands like GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb, Twitch and many other have the web application developed using ROR. Additionally, there are various organization like CSSChopper, Sparx IT Solutions and others from where, you can hire developers for Rails and deploy your web application. This superb platform is treasure trove of amazing features that are worth to be known. Let’s explore the imperative features:

  • Highly Scalable: ROR is highly scalable. According to the requirement, this platform provides the scope of being enhanced. It is good for the businesses that are looking to expand the space in the future.
  • Secure: Earlier this programming platform was criticized. With time, ROR has been made more secure architecture. This reason has convinced many bigger organizations to come forward and adopt this advanced platform in deploying their web applications.
  • Extremely Flexible: Ruby on Rails is designed to be extremely flexible. It can be used to develop application in many contexts. From API to mobile application, everything the user can build using this platforms. This framework provides a complete integrated environment.
  • Convention Over Configuration: In a bid to ease programming, ROR supports multiple programming paradigms where Convention Over Configuration (COC) is also deployed. The COC model has decreased the programming to a simple, yet flexible task. In a nutshell, this paradigm has beautifully minimized the coders’ efforts.

Willing To Join The Squad Of ROR Developers

Are you thinking about learning this ROR and deploying your ideas? Then there are various way to learn about this programming platform. Let’s have a glimpse below to know more:

ROR Guide

On the official site of ROR, there is a link to the programming guide, where you can easily find the step by step manuals for using this platform. From installing to deploying, everything is given in the guide. Every content is systematically placed there so that anyone can learn easily.

Superbly Designed Library Is Available

There is a huge library present where you can explore a large chunk of imperative codes or a program. More importantly, this library is available for all. That means anyone can use the code anywhere. Second important thing is that no one can claim the ownership of the single line of code or program. According to the data, there are more 60,000 solutions available in the library.

Participate In Workshop

There are various workshops conducted in different parts of the worlds. Various professionals, who have expertise in ROR, come and shed the light on various advanced features and functions of ROR. It is recommended that you can participate in these workshops, including, RailsBridge, General Assembly and many others.

Reach To Community

Learning ROR is a quick process, but mastering it may take time. In a simple manner, we can say that anyone can quickly learn coding in ROR, but when it comes to using this platform for complex programming, then you need to gain a lot of coding experience. There is an extensive community of adroit developers that is a huge fan of ROR. This community will help you learn the programming and complex concepts of programming on Ruby on Rails.

The Final Thought

The community of Rails programmer is expanding at a higher pace as compared to other programming communities. According to the data, there are thousands of programmers from different parts of the world, who are contributing their code, concepts and efforts to ease the way for the beginners to learn the complex concept of Ruby On Rail. Thus, it is extremely better for every ROR lovers to extend their hands to the community.

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